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Etiquette goes a long way

Nothing annoys me more than standing in line at the Jazzman's watching people roll their eyes while one of the workers make their salad and then while they pay for their food. Are the prices more than we are used to? Yes. Is the food different than most of us are used to? Yes.

New law keeps athletes records private

"Could you please tell me if Casey has gotten out of surgery yet?" "I am sorry, but I can not release this information." The previous scenario is something that is becoming more and more frequent ever since the passing of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

The big transition

Freshman Megan Farrell has field hockey in her blood. Megan has been around the sport since the moment she was born. Her mother has been coaching in the sport for 20 years, and in 6th grade, she joined her mother's team, and since then, she has followed in those footsteps.

Field hockey hopes to win first PAC championship

Despite losing their last regular season game to Rowan University, the Cabrini College field hockey team came out on top against Alvernia on Cabrini's home field for the opener to the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference playoffs. Cabrini won with a score of 2-0 for game one.

‘Player’ profile

On a normal day women's soccer athlete Sara Player wakes up and gets ready, goes to class, then to work at the business office, then she either has practices or a game. Once that is over, she is back to her room or the library for some homework. "I like Cabrini, a lot of people complain about it, but it's really how you make it," Player said.

Parking, parking, parking

Imagine limping around campus after having surgery and the first time you decide to venture out and grab some things at CVS, you get stuck parking at the Dixon Center lot. This situation happened to me not but a few days ago. Luckily I was able to get an escort from Public Safety back to my house because of the rain and my inability to walk back on my own.

CAP plans concert for spring fling

CAP Board is planning for Saturday, April 16 to be a day to remember on Cabrini's campus. It will be a packed day beginning with Spring Fling and ending with a Midnight Breakfast. Sandwiched in between will be the first ever Cabrini Concert featuring the Bouncing Souls with special guest Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyers.

Rumors, rumors they’re no fun

Rumors on this campus are about as popular as that new Louie Vuitton bag that you just bought, and just as costly. Ever since the first day I walked on to Cabrini's campus, I have been the victim to rumors. I was here for less than a month, and people were saying that I was a lesbian.

Physical education programs fight to stay alive

At a time when adolescent obesity is at its highest, physical education programs in elementary and middle schools are being cut, as well as the programs that prepare the physical education teachers. Most elementary and middle schools are cutting the programs due to the No Child Left Behind Act proposed by President Bush.

Career fairs offer networking

The time of year has come where students are writing resum

Students anticipate online course registration

A new approach to class registration is hitting Cabrini. Instead of standing in line at the Registrar, students will now get to do all registration from the comfort of their dorm room or nearby computer. Freshman Fiona Bride, said, "I think online registration is a great idea.

The cost of immaturity on campus at a high

Holding people accountable for what happens on this campus is something that seems very hard for students to do. Most of the times when you are having a good time you do not think of the aftermath of what your "night in" can cause. Students do not usually think that having a "few drinks" while hanging out in their dorm/house will cost much more than just that case of beer that was bought the night before.

Screenings to determine unhealthy eating habits

Between two and five percent of Americans will experience binge eating at some point in their lifetime. As a result of statistics like the previous one, the Counseling Center is giving students the chance to get screened for eating disorders. Eating disorder screenings will be held during two time slots on Thursday, Feb.

MTV a medium for political education

MTV is something that most young people look to for our music videos, reality TV shows, and more recently, presidential campaign news, which happens through their program called Choose or Lose. These days most people will do anything to get young people to vote and that is just what MTV and some other organizations are doing.

Transfer students are left out of the Cabrini loop

Unlike the traditional freshman student coming into Cabrini, a transfer student attends a separate "Transfer Orientation" that usually only lasts one day right before school begins in Aug. "I never had a tour of the campus and I knew where nothing was," Jenna L'Italien, special ed.

Housing frustration

Housing - something essential for resident students . Every year Cabrini's method of choosing housing changes from year to year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the housing meeting on Jan. 21, but I did talk to a few people who went and heard some shocking information.


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