The cost of immaturity on campus at a high

By Ashlee Lensmyer
March 18, 2004

Ryan Norris

Holding people accountable for what happens on this campus is something that seems very hard for students to do. Most of the times when you are having a good time you do not think of the aftermath of what your “night in” can cause. Students do not usually think that having a “few drinks” while hanging out in their dorm/house will cost much more than just that case of beer that was bought the night before.

Our dorms and houses are falling apart not because they are old, but because we have people on this campus that after a night of “having a good time” cannot remember who left the Hulk-sized hole in the wall. But all of a sudden when the residents of the dorm/house magically get a bill from Residence Life saying that they owe money, they are the first to complain. Who knows why students on this campus have such memory lapses, but if this is going to keep happening and we want to have decent housing, we are going to have to start holding each other accountable.

We are college students, not five-year-olds that do not know what happens when people get thrown into walls. It seems like since we are all college students, most of us have no money to pay the large price that it is costing to have fun around here, or even the price that it is for other people to have “fun.” Last time I checked since people are not fessing up for throwing each other into walls, everyone who is living in the house or dorm has to pay for the “good times” of others. Someday when you are all out of college, you may still decide to have fun again, and your fun is going to be in the way that you are having it now,

Luckily, I live in a house that doesn’t have crazy people busting through our walls and “experimenting” with fire hydrants, but who’s to say where I will be living next year, but I do know that I sure as hell do not have the money to be paying for other people’s good times.

Accountability is something that takes minutes to do, and doesn’t have to ruin an experience but can help most of our wallets when it comes to having to pay for these things after they are done. Maybe some students should remember those big dollar signs while they are throwing their friends into the walls the night before and start holding each other accountable for what they are doing.

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Ashlee Lensmyer

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