Transfer students are left out of the Cabrini loop

By Ashlee Lensmyer
February 5, 2004

Unlike the traditional freshman student coming into Cabrini, a transfer student attends a separate “Transfer Orientation” that usually only lasts one day right before school begins in Aug. “I never had a tour of the campus and I knew where nothing was,” Jenna L’Italien, special ed. /elementary ed. major, said.

“I was even told I was a junior when I was picking my classes later to find out that I was a second semester sophomore. It ended up working out, but still,” L’Italien said.

There are some things that are different campus to campus. Some students are more outgoing in finding new information about the campus, where as others aren’t, which is why some transfer students feel as though there should be some sort of buddy system so they can get to know the campus, someone to teach them how things around here work such as the caf

Ashlee Lensmyer

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