Housing frustration

By Ashlee Lensmyer
January 29, 2004

Mark Garlit

Housing – something essential for resident students . Every year Cabrini’s method of choosing housing changes from year to year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the housing meeting on Jan. 21, but I did talk to a few people who went and heard some shocking information.

One of the things that I think is very misunderstood about resident students is that most of the people who live on campus are not just taking up space in the dorms so that we do not have to wake up as early for classes or use gas to get to school. It is because we enjoy hanging out and being close to our friends .

I personally feel that there is life is different on campus, and that is why I live here. Granted, that I’m from New Orleans and can’t commute. I could get a place off-campus somewhere, but I choose not to. I like the feeling of community here and knowing that I can go to the library whenever I want. If I were to go live at Harcum or another place off-campus, it wouldn’t be the same. I would not get to live my life without a set schedule; it would just all in all be more frustrating. I choose to pay to live on Cabrini’s campus – not off.

Being an executive member of CAP Board requires a lot of work, sometimes late at night. I would not want to live off campus and have to stay here all hours of the night not feeling safe. Plus, it’s already hard to schedule meetings at convenient hours for every executive member, so if we were scattered everywhere, then things might not be as productive.

I just think that as I said, this whole thing has hit many residents who are used to having their life here on-campus. I understand that the Residence Life staff has a job to do and needs to supply enough beds, but I only hope that resident students’ lives will not be changed in the process.

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Ashlee Lensmyer

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