Etiquette goes a long way

By Ashlee Lensmyer
November 20, 2003

Ryan Norris

Nothing annoys me more than standing in line at the Jazzman’s watching people roll their eyes while one of the workers make their salad and then while they pay for their food.

Are the prices more than we are used to? Yes. Is the food different than most of us are used to? Yes. But are the workers still working hard – sometimes harder – to make the food that we have good quality for us? Absolutely yes.

Many of these people who are their rolling their eyes would never think to actually open their mouths and say ‘hello’ to the people making their food or ‘thank you’ for what they are given. But this attitude is not just seen at Jazzman’s; it is seen all over when students with attitudes meet up with the staff on this campus that try and make the little things around here happen.

Coming from a place where everyone says ‘hello’ no matter if they have seen you before or not, made it a huge shock coming to a place where no one really gave you the time of day even if they have seen you before. When I first came here from New Orleans, I greeted everyone with a ‘hello’ and I could have sworn by the looks I was getting back that I had grown an extra head while on the plane ride. I have been taught ever since I was little that I am to say ‘hello’ to people to acknowledge their presence.

If some people would take the chance to say a few words to others around this campus, they would get to know that staff members have lives too. My best friend actually talks to the workers in the Jazzman’s every time she is in there. She knows a lot of them by name and even has gotten to know things about their personal lives. It all started just by her saying ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ after she got her food.

Think about all the people that it takes to make this college what it is. Not only is it the professors that give to the students, but also the secretaries, cleaning staff and probably many more than that. Taking a little effort to say these things does go a long way and does not hurt any of us to do.

Next time you see someone taking the time to do what most of us think is the ‘dirty work,’ stop and say ‘hello.’ The little simple word ‘hello’ can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

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Ashlee Lensmyer

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