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Awareness: The weapon of choice in the battle for justice

Awareness of the injustice in the world makes all the difference in Jamie's opinions

Must-watch TV shows of the season

With so many shows on television, where do you start?

The Gulf’s problems aren’t over yet

The situation in the Gulf is more than just an oil spill. The delicate environment of the area has been forever altered. The economy is spiraling downward with no signs of stopping. But what's next?

Stone age sex education

Stone age sex education. Written by Perspectives editor Jamie Santoro

Oil spill effects still felt

BP oil spill still affect those in the Gulf coast area, but now with signs of possible recovery.

“Gossip Girl here…”

Jesse James has returned from a “treatment facility” for “personal reasons.” …OK? In other news, his wedding ring did not return with him. He… Read More

Symposium allows students to shine

Classes are canceled on April 22nd, but do you know why? Students have been working for months on presentations for this year’s Arts, Research, and Scholarship Symposium.

News Briefs for March 30 to April 4

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Obama makes first visit to war-torn Afghanistan President Obama visited Afghanistan last week to meet with President Hamid Karzai and American… Read More

Health care reform: the price for saving lives

The battle over Healthcare is over. Where do you stand?

Students benefit from alumni networking event

Alumni come back to lend a helping hand to job-seeking students.

You only get four years: one student’s journey

  I graduated from LaSalle College High School in June 2008. I was young, dumb, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I spent the summer working… Read More

The great American past time: more than just a sport

It is my favorite time of year. Spring is beginning to bloom, summer is on the horizon and the Phillies season is about to… Read More

A tanner shade of pale: the magic of UV rays

On Saturday, I found myself lying buck naked in a tanning bed. As I sang the Selena classic “Dreaming of You” out loud and… Read More

Why so serious?

Does America know how to take a joke anymore?

The worst time of the year, housing

I hate this time of year. Not only because I slip and slide all the way over to dinner, but for many other reasons. I hate this time of year because of one reason: choosing housing.

‘Teen Mom’ has some benefits

Thank you Jamie-Lynn Spears. Thank you Sarah Palin’s daughter. Thank you for contributing to our society in a way I can never truly express.

Too much ‘Skins’ for US audiences

The Parent Television Council is up in arms. The advocacy group sent a letter to congress asking for an ‘investigation’ in the new scripted MTV show “Skins,” based on the hit U.K. series. The PTC believes that the show is chalk full of child pornography and counted forty drug references through the 41-minute pilot.

The end of something magic Harry Potter and the devoted fan

As the last pieces of the Harry Potter world are released in the form of the first part of the final film, Jamie Santoro looks back on a life of magic alongside America's favorite wizard.

This weekend at Cabrini: Pro

Why the weekends on campus aren't as bad as you think. And why your should stop complaining about it.

CRS and Obama speak out on Sudan

Catholic Relief Services and The United States Council of Catholic Bishops came together to urge Americans to help stop a genocide before it starts.… Read More


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