Students benefit from alumni networking event

By Jamie Santoro
March 17, 2010

Frank Emmerich '92, an attorney, speaks with senior Meghan Smith. photo by Matt McGuirman.

Cabrini students gathered to get a leg up on the job hunt and receive advice from alumni.

A Speed Career Networking event, held in the Mansion on Tuesday, March 16, helped students get ready for interviews and start making connections.

Alumni from multiple job fields gave advice, based on their real world experience, to interested students ready to start job searching.

The alumni gave students mock interviews and traded contact information.

“You need to think about where you are, and what you need to do in order to advance your career” Nancy Hutchinson, director of the co-op and career services center, said.

Students and alumni were given name tags and numbers.

The numbers were associated with tables, similar to the event’s inspiration from speed dating.

Students and alumni would find their seats and following 10 minutes of advice and conversation, the students move on to the next table.

“It was nerve wracking but once we got into it, it was easy,” Jenn Bollinger, senior political science major, said. “The alumni know what it’s like to be at Cabrini and then go out and try and get a job. I was really hoping to start my job search here and it worked out better than expected. These connections are real and I hope to use them to get my dream job.”

Alumni gave advice for seniors starting their careers as well as to underclassmen thinking about their futures.

“An event like this is important because it helps students meet the right people in the right industy of work, ” Michaela Enriquez, senior human resources major, said. “It helps get their name out there to successful people who are willing and eager to help them. It was even better that they were Cabrini Alumni because they could relate to you and knew what you were going through.”

Students interacted with alumni in fields of their interest but also other various fields, giving them practice for future job hunting.

The event also debuted a new position within the co-op office. Jocelyn Tutrani, coordinator of first year career development, brings a full array of professional assistance for students of all levels.

There are also new ways to get students into the working world. Job shadowing allows students to literally follow the foot steps of someone in any career path.

This means not only will students get a first-person look into a career, but networking is bound to happen.

It was noted that the social networking site, Linkedin, is like Facebook for networking.

Cabrini alumni have a strong presence on the site. There, students can meet new people, get help with preparing for jobs and possible even get jobs on the site.

Jamie Santoro

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