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By Jamie Santoro
November 9, 2010

‘Cabrini college’ and ‘weekend activites’ have never really belonged in a sentence together. Unless ‘has no’ is inbetween.

I get it. I understand that a lot of people don’t see anything going on around campus that interests them. That is a fair argument. Saying that nothing happens on campus? That is not fair.

Not to toot my own horn but I am director of weekend events on CAP Board. I know, who would want that position. I understand I risk public ridicule and possible stoning on the quad now that that fact is public, but I don’t care.

I don’t care because myself, my partner in crime and awesomeness Aisling Carrol, and the rest of CAP Board work incredibly hard to provide a lot of events for the campus.

I know CAP Board is almost a dirty word on this campus. I can hear people rolling their eyes and muttering how much money we waste.

Yes, we have the largest budget on campus. We also do the most.

Almost every weekend there is some kind of event. We have trips to New York City and Atlantic City. We planned and executed the Haunted Mansion event during Freak Week. We do the most events out of all the parts of CAP Board. Also, everything is cheap or free.

So to say that there is nothing to do on weekends is not fair to me or the rest of CAP Board. It is the responsibility of the student body to create events and fun things for the campus community. That’s what I did and it’s a hard job.

So this is my call to action. You don’t see enough on campus, then stand up and do something. Join CAP Board. Start a club. Stop complaing.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the people (you know plenty, and I know even more) who sit around and nag about how this sucks about Cabrini or this rule is stupid. Do something about it or transfer.

I know people who literally have nothing good to say about Cabrini. Then why are you here? Sure there are things I don’t like about this school. But I remind myself of the amazing things everyday. I honestly want to be an alumni of Cabrini College. We get a bad wrap because we’re small and that’s not fair.

There are thingd that needs to be fixed. I agree that the cafeteria and Jazzmans schedules need to be fixed. That is not helping the situation.

But if that’s why your not happy here on the weekends you have other problems.

When I give tours I deal with plenty of students who hear that nothing happens on the weekend or that this is a. My go-to answer is that yes there are people that go home, but there is always something to do on weekends. Whether its a basketball game or a trip, or maybe just hanging with friends.

If there are students who decide not to use the awesome resources that are available to them, shame on them. I’m sorry your still 19 and can’t legally drink yet.

Please though, if your not going to go to the events, don’t complain that there isn’t anything to do because that’s a lie.

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Jamie Santoro

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