The worst time of the year, housing

By Jamie Santoro
February 7, 2011

I hate this time of year. Not only because I slip and slide all the way over to dinner, but for many other reasons. I hate this time of year because of one reason: choosing housing.The most nerve-wracking part of the process is the fact that you have to make it over to Res Life and wait in a humongous long line to pick a baby little number on a piece of paper from a cardboard box.

Why would this process actually make your heart race? Like your nervous to go take a test (which actually reflects the rest of your life). But for some reason it is nerve-wracking.

The worst part of the entire process is actually figuring out where you’re living.  What building, sleeping arrangements, what floor. Then once you decide your ideal situation you have to discuss it with your potential roomies. Ah, this is where the brawls begin.

You have seven friends right? Well tell one of them to commute (because they probably only live 20 minutes away) since you want to live in a suite of only six people.

It isn’t a big ordeal of who you want to live with it’s the even bigger ordeal of who you don’t want to live with. This causes mass chaos.

This person wants to live here, but in this building. But Suzie Q wants to live there but cannot share a room with Marie. Marie wants to share a room with Suzie Q but they don’t have the same sleeping schedule.

submitted photos by cabrini college

Let’s not even bring up the topic about snoring, because that causes more issues than anything else alone.

You know what else causes more issues than I have ever heard about? Significant others. If you have a significant other you are specifically written off as a potential roommate because no one wants to wake up seeing two people kiss and share morning breath.

You know you would assume that because you are all 18 or older that everyone would be mature about this process and talk the situation out. This is totally wrong, never assume that.

Young adults get less mature as their lives go on (a lesson that I have quickly learned), leading to the problem that no one can speak their minds in a mature fashion that doesn’t involve cursing someone out.

The main reason that everyone wants to do a nice little dance around the topic of housing is because it is the ultimate rejection (worse than a break up actually) because you are actually deeming living with someone not possible, which makes asking people and having a civil discussion about it even harder.

There are more hurt feelings over trying to figure out living situations than there are over a “you’re fat” comment.

Why? Why is something that, on paper, looks so painless, so awful to try and figure out in real life?

I’ll tell you exactly why. This is because you have a lot of friends that you can see yourself living with and in a imaginary world they all get along and will live with each other.

Rude awakening coming your way: that little imaginary world doesn’t exist. Not everyone can get along and co-habitate. That is the awful truth about the living situation, you want to please everyone, but there are just too many people tugging at your shirt tails.  Good luck with trying to figure it all out, because the big guy up there knows that all of us can use it

submitted by cabrini college
submitted by cabrini college

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Jamie Santoro

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