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Villanova representatives tour Cabrini: what we know

Throughout the first month of the semester, there’s been a new crowd around campus. Seen checking out classrooms and buildings, these individuals are representatives… Read More

What happens to Cabrini’s tenured professors?

On June 23, when Cabrini announced its closure through email, professor and chair of history and political science Dr. James Hedtke thought it was… Read More

Arrest at library reveals deeper issue

At noon on Oct. 4, four Radnor police cars arrived outside Cabrini University’s parking garage. Officers entered the Holy Spirit Library, and approximately an… Read More

The Loquitur wins 16 CMA Pinnacle Awards 

Cabrini University’s student-run newspaper, the Loquitur, received an extraordinary 16 College Media Association Pinnacle Awards, marking a historic milestone as the highest number of… Read More

Cabrini’s financial transparency: alumni seek answers

Co-Authored by Andrew Stovenour Transparency is a virtue, but not always a given. Cabrini alumni are still searching for transparency from the university. As… Read More

Cabrini closure sparks hope for student loan relief

There’s a lot that’s bad about Cabrini closing, but believe it or not, there’s one important benefit: the school’s shutdown gives the opportunity to… Read More

Arrest at Holy Spirit library

At noon on October 4, four Radnor police cars arrived outside the Cabrini parking garage. Officers entered the Holy Spirit Library, and approximately an… Read More

The Cabrini-Villanova deal: how did we get here?

On June 23, 2023, a Friday morning not long after the end of spring semester, Cavaliers everywhere woke up to a story announcing that… Read More
President Helen Drinan speaking at Cabrini Day

Professors battle for ‘token’ retirement benefits

Even before Cabrini Interim President Helen Drinan alerted the community to the school’s dire financial situation, behind-the-scenes ramifications began rumbling. Dr. Marilyn Johnson and… Read More

Cavalier Radio moves from shared FM to 24-hour streaming

Cavalier Radio has joined the streaming era. On Aug. 24, Communication department chair Dr. Dawn Francis announced the station’s departure from an FCC license… Read More

Are students’ school lives suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Are students receiving the education they want and are paying for? Is living on campus worth it anymore? Will students decide to stay living… Read More

Students and schools are anxious as testing procedures are put in place for the fall semester

Six months into a global pandemic and it is time for schools to make the hard decision to test or not test their students… Read More

Biden vs. Trump: Where do they stand on the issues?

With the election quickly approaching, people are looking at which candidate they think will best to lead America. For the Democratic party, Joe Biden… Read More

Company uses COVID-19 as a trademark

This pandemic causes people terror, but some have used it for their benefit.   This year COVID- 19 took the world by storm and killed more than… Read More

The name change continues as formerly known Cru5h is now called the Grill.

One of Cabrini’s places to eat has received yet another name change: from Cru5h to The Grill. The Grill is one of three places… Read More

Is the younger generation more open to traveling during this pandemic?

COVID-19 may have slowed down summer plans but certainly not for this younger generation.  The virus spread through China to Europe to the United… Read More

Diversity speaker says ‘It’s hard to hate close up’

“It’s hard to hate close up,” Nydia Han, 6ABC News anchor and Emmy award-winning journalist, said. On Oct. 7, the Office of University Diversity… Read More

What you should know about the Electoral College

Many people may believe that their vote doesn’t count during elections. Part of the reason for that feeling is based on the role of… Read More

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council initiated at Cabrini University

A new advisory council entitled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity,” or DEI Advisory Council, has started at the University. The co-chairs of this new council… Read More

Race in America: It begins with a conversation

If you know better, you do better, one of the panelists who spoke at a panel discussion on Race in America said.  Moderator Dr.… Read More


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