The Loquitur wins 16 CMA Pinnacle Awards 

By Emma Regulski
December 6, 2023

The Loquitur editorial staff: (Back row left to right) Andrew Stovenour, Chris Perri, Jason Fridge. (Front row left to right: Paige Bowman, Samantha Taddei, Leigha Sepers. Photo by Emma Regulski.
The Loquitur editorial staff: (Back row left to right) Andrew Stovenour, Chris Perri, Jason Fridge. (Front row left to right: Paige Bowman, Samantha Taddei, Leigha Sepers. Photo by Emma Regulski.

Cabrini University’s student-run newspaper, the Loquitur, received an extraordinary 16 College Media Association Pinnacle Awards, marking a historic milestone as the highest number of awards the newspaper ever achieved in a single year. 

“It’s incredible, it’s a record-breaking number. We’ve never won that many before,” said Professor Wendy Rosenfield. Rosenfield is a professor of practice for journalism in the communication department and the Loquitur’s student media advisor.  

“I was shocked, but in the best way possible,” said Victoria Emmitt, a Cabrini graduate and Loquitur editor in chief during the 2022-23 academic year. 

Achievements and recognition 

The College Media Association serves as a dedicated organization promoting the aspirations of college media advisers and students nationwide. Specifically, the Pinnacle Awards grant exceptional achievements in various forms of college media. 

The awards span a diverse array of categories, highlighting Cabrini’s diverse approach to journalism education. From outstanding reporting and engaging multimedia storytelling, Cabrini’s student editors and reporters demonstrated exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication. 

“It’s a great feeling to be recognized,” said junior digital communications and social media major and current Loquitur Editor-in-Chief Chris Perri.

Emmitt agreed. “We were able to make something award winning and that is so validating because it made all the difficulties we faced worth it in the end,” she said. “I’m also really proud of the website and we would have never been able to update it and rework it without Professor John Doyle.” 

The recognition confirms Cabrini’s standing as a powerhouse in student journalism, where students are not only encouraged to seek the truth, but also to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. The university’s commitment to encouraging critical thinking, ethical reporting, and advanced multimedia skills has truly set its journalism program apart.

“It’s good to see the continued legacy of what we built and what has been built over the years,” said senior digital communications major Isaiah Dickson. Dickson was last year’s Perspectives editor and worked on the Editorial Board editorial that won second place. 

“As I was part of the program more, I began to really enjoy it and I’m glad I decided to come back and continue a second year on the newspaper,” said Paige Bowman, senior digital communication major. Bowman is the Loquitur’s managing editor and won first prize for “Best Column.”

The awards

The 16 awards and recipients are:

First Place:

Newspaper Website of the Year: The Loquitur 

Standalone Website of the Year: (Convergence) 

Best News Package: “Free speech vs. hate speech: professor tests the limits,” – Loquitur Staff 

Best Sports Game Story: “Freshman Shine: women’s swimming finished third at AEC,” – Jason Fridge 

Best Arts and Entertainment Story: “So much for nostalgia: Fall Out Boy’s New Album, – Brianna Mack

Best Column: “LGBTQ+ representation matters in college sports,” – Paige Bowman 

Second Place:

Best Editorial: “The Loquitur is free press,” – Loquitur Staff

Best Sports Feature: “Dilemma for student athletes: to pay or not to pay,” – Jedidah Antwi 

Best Enterprise Coverage of Diversity: “The ‘20s are here, prohibition still stands, Pt. 2: The war on cannabis,” – Victoria Emmitt

Best Investigative Story: “Free speech vs. hate speech: professor tests the limits,” – Paige Bowman and Jason Fridge

Third Place:

Best Video Special Event Coverage: “Cabrini Black Student Union’s ‘Drip or Down’ fashion show,”– Andrew Stovenour 

Best Arts and Entertainment Story: “Student stylists enhance the campus beauty experience,” – Eny Martins 

Honorable Mention: 

Best Web Sports Section: The Loquitur

Best Sports Game Story: “Pitching shutout: Cavs send the Pacers packing,” – Samantha Taddei 

Best Breaking News Story: “Professors battle for ‘token’ retirement benefits,” – Marcus Alvarez 

Best Feature Story: “Slumlords of Conshohocken,” – Kelly Kane 

The continued legacy

These 16 Pinnacle Awards not only celebrate the achievements of the students but also act as a reminder of the 65-year commitment to journalism at Cabrini University. 

Rosenfield said, “To win the Newspaper Website of the Year award is just an incredible way for all of the students to go out on top and I’m so proud of the countless hours everyone put into working on their articles and making sure that the work they put out was the best.” 

Cabrini’s journalism program is not just about classrooms and classwork, it’s about creating an environment where students can explore their passion for storytelling and make a real impact. These awards ensure the legacy of journalism at Cabrini will live on after the school closes and will continue to inspire others. 

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Emma Regulski

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