Cabrini Day keynote speaker discusses staying productive in trying times

By Ty Daubert
November 30, 2020

It is important to continue leading a productive life while facing the COVID-19 pandemic, a Cabrini Day keynote speaker said last week.

“I want to be productive, even as the world tries to end — and it hasn’t ended,” Kayla Hunt, a senior writing and music major and philosophy minor, said.

Kayla Hunt spoke about being productive in her life despite the many challenges brought about in 2020. Photo courtesy of Cabrini University.

In a speech at Grace Hall that was live streamed online on Tuesday, Nov. 17, Hunt spoke about how conversations with her family members helped inspire her to continue to better herself and continue leading a productive life during the pandemic.

She mentioned the challenges of going through school in these times, and being able to handle a much different, and more virtual, situation as she prepares to graduate.

“Senior year for anyone is a lot. Any year can be a lot,” Hunt said. “But try during a pandemic, an election year, social unrest and try it as a first-generation student who has far too much to prove.”

Still, Hunt said she has been able to handle school, along with other activities and responsibilities such as working for Cabrini’s writing center, creating music and working in a leadership role off campus.

A way she has been able to do this is by reflecting on herself during some of the downtime that has been created by the many shutdowns due to the coronavirus.

“I know myself a lot more than I did around this time last year,” she said.

Self-care was another important method of getting through difficult times for Hunt. Logging off of the “intense energy” of social media, deep conditioning her hair weekly, doing yoga and waking up on-time were all ways she made sure to focus on herself.

Hunt was a keynote speaker for Cabrini Day. Photo graphic courtesy of Cabriniuday Instagram.

“I take pride in the fact that I’ve been steadily trying to keep up with myself, for myself,” she said.

Hunt mentioned daydreaming about goals or ambitions, an action encouraged by her mother, as a way to reflect and as a source of inspiration.

In doing that, Hunt has dedicated her time to making a difference in all that she does. She noted that she wants to live out one of the key values of Cabrini University in her life. Through the activities she participates in, Hunt is “trying to embody dedication to excellence.”

After reflecting on her own experiences, Hunt acknowledged the many difficulties that people all over have faced throughout this year, and called for people to continue in living productive lives as best they can in the tough times.

“This year has absolutely sucked, but that’s not going to stop us from moving forward,” she said. “Things aren’t perfect, but they’re not supposed to be.”

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Ty Daubert

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