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Communications major @ Cabrini College.

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Sass & Sangria

"I’d say just about every other day I think about saying ‘never mind’ but I know a few years from now it will pay off.”

What do you mean the government “shutdown” ?

So the government shutdown. What exactly does that mean? Why did it happen? Is it going to affect me? These are the questions many… Read More

President Gregory Robinson

Student government association allows the student body to take on an active role on campus. It allows students to voice their opinion on campus… Read More

Movie Review – ‘The Mortal Intruments: City of Bones’

Based on the books by Cassandra Clare, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” is the first in an installment of movies.  The movie follows… Read More

Instagram or Instaglam?

Instagram is taking over the world it seems. Well the internet world at least. I don't think I make it through a day without either going on Instagram, or someone saying "should I Instagram this?" Instagram allows people to share their pictures. Pictures of anything. When you go on Instagram you see people posting pictures of themselves, their friends and family and of course their food. Instagram also uses filters to allow people to edit the pictures that they post. But does this app bring larger consequences? Are people becoming too obsessed with vanity? Is it all about looking good or getting people to think you look good? Maybe it's all of these things.

Skilled immigration reform and its benefits for the US economy

Annwar Ahmadd, a resident of Philadelphia starts his day off by calling his family in India. Every morning at 5:30 a.m. he calls his wife and kids, along with his parents, siblings and other relatives asking about school, how much they have grown, and what they had for lunch.

Preview – So you think you can dance

The auditions for the Epic Week event So You Think You Can Dance took place over the last couple of weeks. Auditions took place on Monday, March 31 and Wednesday, March 19.

Knit something extraordinary

The Knitting Club at Cabrini College is a new club that was started up this semester in order to bring together both knitters and non-knitters. The club was started up by senior biology major, Trevor Cross. What began as hobby turned into a passion for Cross and he had then wanted to share that with not only others who like to knit and crochet but with anybody who seemed interested.

Who should decide our financial aid?

Financial Aid helps millions of students make it through college, but how much does it really help? Every year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is released. Students are then encouraged to fill it out, even if they feel as though they may not qualify because there is always a possibility that they would qualify.

Advertising & promotions – pitch, post and promote

An up and coming club at Cabrini is the Advertising and Promotions Club. The club had once existed before but flopped, and with the encouragement of Dr.Dawn Francis an assistant communication professor, the club had managed to start up again.

Dirty and ROTTEN

Valentine’s Day is the day where it is all about the cute stuff. Everywhere you look there are cute candies, cute flowers and cute couples. What about all the others who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and perhaps maybe can’t get over an ex that left them scorned?

Stand your ground, or retreat ?

“Who is perceived to be a threat? This requires us to examine gender, race and ethnicity that come into play with the schema.” Trumbo said “In our country where everything is ‘equal’ inequality still exists perhaps because of history.” The question comes into play as to whether or not one acts in self defense or kills at will.

A learning commons: Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL is made up of four different centers: The writing center, the peer tutoring center, the math resource center and the academic counseling program. All programs are available to students free of charge. The tutoring programs are either drop in or by appointment.

Black Studies Minor

The minor requires students to complete 18 credits with Introduction to Black Studies, and the Struggle for Black Equality being the two required classes for the minor followed by 12 choice credits from many subjects including Harlem Renaissance and Toni Morrison as well as many others.
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