Black Studies Minor

By Sahra Ali
October 19, 2013

A new minor recently being offered at Cabrini is the Black Studies minor. This new minor offers courses that are available to students interested in studying diversity and cultures of people of African descent in more detail.

The new minor is included within the history and political science department at Cabrini. The minor requires students to complete 18 credits, with Introduction to Black Studies and the Struggle for Black Equality being the two required classes for the minor followed by 12 elective credits from many subjects including Harlem Renaissance and  Toni Morrison as well as many others.

Dr. Darryl Mace, associate professor in the history department who is also teaching classes in the Black Studies minor such as Introduction to Black Studies and Comparative Slavery said “Students will investigate systems of power that have historically and continue to affect the lives live people of African descent.”

Dr. Mace said, that he hopes this will allow students to branch out and learn more about the African people and their culture. “In the minor, students will learn how to view social, political, and cultural structures from a Black Studies perspective.”

The Black Studies minor will explore different themes including Pan-Africanism and Afrocentrisim amongst others.



Sahra Ali

Communications major @ Cabrini College.

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