Preview – So you think you can dance

By Sahra Ali
April 8, 2014

The auditions for the Epic Week event So You Think You Can Dance took place over the last couple of weeks. Auditions took place on Monday, March 31 and Wednesday, March 19.

Judging the auditions were Mr. Cabrini Jon Miller, and Mrs. Cabrini Jennarose DiGiacomo, assistant sociology professor Andrew Owens and Jackie Marciano.

Dance the night away with CAP Board's "So You Think You Can Dance" event! (MCTCampus)
Dance the night away with CAP Board’s “So You Think You Can Dance” event! (MCTCampus)

The judges at the competition were judging each audition for four things.  Originality and whether the performer choreographed the dance, the dancers stage presence, the difficulty of the dance and how the overall performance was delivered, the judges will be giving each audition a score from one to five with one being the lowest and five the highest. The judging at the competition will be similar to that of the  auditions.

The dance competition is set to take place at the end of April as a part Epic Week at Cabrini and is being put together by the CAP Board. Jenn Cannon a junior business major said that “we have an engagement activity every year and this year we choose to do a dance activity.”

One of the students that auditioned was freshman early education major, Shannon McKinney. McKinney did a traditional Irish dance and shared her story about how she got into Irish dance, “I began dancing when I was really young, but started competing when I was 13 years old.” McKinney auditioned and hoped to dance, but had gotten a stress fracture a few days after in which she isn’t able to compete anymore. “I have to wear a brace for two months,” McKinney said. Another competitor for the dance team is the Cabrini Dance Team, as well as other groups and single performers that auditioned.

Gary Johnson is set to host the event, and the  competition will be a dance off so all participants will be dancing to win a prize.

Sahra Ali

Communications major @ Cabrini College.

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