Dirty and ROTTEN

By Sahra Ali
February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day is the day where it is all about the cute stuff. Everywhere you look there are cute candies, cute flowers and cute couples. What about all the others who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and perhaps maybe can’t get over an ex that left them scorned?

Your heart was broken, and you are now spending Valentine’s Day all by yourself. Your ex is probably doing just fine, enjoying their life and  there is no way you are going to let them just be, right? Why not send them flowers? Dirty and rotten ones of course.

Most companies on Valentine’s Day make money off of  all of that sweet stuff, but a few other companies decided to go a different route. Companies like Dirty Rotten Flowers and The Payback are making money off of those trying to get in on the last laugh.

Or maybe wilted and rotten flowers aren’t enough to get the message across. Melted chocolates might do it right? Or is that still not sufficient to let them know just how you feel? A dead fish just might do it though… just don’t be that person that ends up breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day over a bouquet of rotten flowers.

I mean, forget exes. These can be sent to anybody; your boss that just fired you, your friend that made it quite clear that you aren’t friends anymore or an annoying little brother, you get the idea. If there’s is anybody out there that gets under your skin, you can just go ahead and send them a bouquet.

While I do think it is pretty hilarious and a neat business idea, I also just think it’s another Valentine’s Day ploy. It’s all  about who can make the most money off of people, and personally speaking, why would you want to spend a dime on an ex? There seems to be other ways to handle things. As one commenter  on Lemondrop put it, “What a waste of money. Don’t you think you’ve wasted enough time, energy and money?” Why not just spend that money on yourself or buy your mom something nice? Do you really need to send out a bouquet of dead flowers? 

I see it as people with a sense of humor might do this more than the angry ones. I would probably laugh it off. It seems like something you would do as a joke instead of in  bitter resentment. As a 19- year old said in his testimonial, “My girlfriend and I have a twisted kind of relationship. I sent her the I LOVE YOU, NOT bouquet  and did she ever love them.” This might actually be funny if somebody did it on April Fools Day or something.

Is it amusing? Yes. Is it appalling? I mean,  dead flowers are still flowers and even a bouquet of live flowers ends up wilted and eventually dies, so I don’t find it that appalling. However, the dead fish idea? I think this one is definitely disgusting, I can’t imagine the face of a person opening up a package to find a dead fish which probably smells really, really bad.  

Sahra Ali

Communications major @ Cabrini College.

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