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Netflix’s ‘Neo Yokio’ receives mixed reviews

  “I absolutely love it. It has as unique feel to it. It appeals to a certain group of people who find this type… Read More

‘Culture II’ climbs charts, falls flat with fans

The group known for their smashing hit singles “Bad and Boujee” and “Versace,” their forever-memorable triplet rapping style and their ability to make a… Read More

The whitest black kid

“You are the whitest black kid I have ever met.” “Why don’t you speak like an actual black person? You definitely want to be… Read More

Intramural basketball kicks off the spring season

According to Cabrini Rec, “Our intramural basketball league is our most anticipated event of the year.” The spring season is just about to start… Read More

Cabrini food recovery network reduces, reuses, recycles

Cabrini University is addressing food waste and hunger with the Food Recovery Network. “When I was growing up, my mom struggled with keeping food on… Read More

Millennial generation cannot ‘adult’

Isn’t it kind of crazy how that in a matter of few months, we go from raising our hand in order to use the… Read More

Escape the freshman 15 with exercise, healthy eating

With school work, extra-curricular activities and just the added stress of being a college student, it can be difficult to find time to maintain… Read More

Cabrini offers tutoring resources

Eighty-six percent of students who went to at least 10 tutoring sessions passed all of their classes. At almost every college, tutors are always available… Read More

Mother Cabrini ‘could have run a country’

“Sometimes, she had to be a hard a** to get things done,” Thomas Southard, director of the Wolfington Center, said of Mother Cabrini. This… Read More

Balancing school with work worth the experience

Nearly four out of every five college students are working part times jobs while studying to get their degrees. Balancing work and studies can… Read More

Words from your alumni: an inside look on their Cabrini experience

Being a student on Cabrini’s campus is a once and a lifetime experience. It is something that only other people who have experienced life… Read More

A new form of racism: how racial prejudice has evolved over time

“I can remember going to my parents to Florida in the 1950s and I was just a little kid who always seemed to have… Read More

Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future: our take on Black History Month

From elementary school to the present day we have learned about Black History Month, but how much do we really know? Even within our… Read More

’13 Reasons Why’ offers a few reasons to reconsider watching season two

Mental health has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. Before I even knew the meaning of… Read More

Inside the mind of a suicidal student

Waking up every morning became a chore. Smiling through every day became a chore. Living a life I didn’t ask for became a chore.… Read More

A brother’s bond: a time of mentorship comes to an end

“Hello, is this Mrs. Broadnax?” “Yes, can I ask why you are calling? Is there problem with one of my children?” “Oh no, do… Read More

Snow storm brings in the spring season

I can’t even count the amount of times on my fingers I have looked outside and dreadfully said, “It’s snowing.” We all appreciated the… Read More

Murdering millennials: young adult spending habits impact industries

A group of young socialites characterized by “selfies” and social media is known as the millennial generation. If you were born between the years… Read More

Baseball team starts the season with double-header win

After a multitude of postponed and cancelled games, the Cavaliers had a successful opener against two teams, back-to-back. On Saturday, March 17, the Cabrini men’s… Read More

Basketball coaches reveal their formulas to success

Cabrini’s basketball teams have been very successful this year, causing everyone to wonder where this success comes from? Both coaches Kathleen Pearson and Timothy… Read More


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