Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future: our take on Black History Month

By Renin Broadnax
February 11, 2019


From elementary school to the present day we have learned about Black History Month, but how much do we really know? Even within our small community at Cabrini, we do a few small celebrations to honor the history of this month. Then we move onto the next month and we wait until the next year to repeat the same pattern as the year before. In addition, when we do remember, we always remember most of the big pictures civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and on occasion Malcolm X. Black History Month is important in our society as we celebrate African American men and women for their accomplishments we need to remember all of those who contributed to the amount of freedom we have established in America over time.

Over the years, Black History Month has become a symbol of diversity in our time as it celebrates the accomplishments of many African American people throughout history.  Not only that, but it shows how far we have come to embrace the fact that we are all created equal regardless of physical differences. Martin Luther King is certainly a monumental trailblazer and should be remembered and discussed for many more generation to come but there are people in the present day who are creating opportunities for social equity.

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president. Colin Kaepernick has created a national dialogue about police brutality against African Americans. There have been great strides in the unity of all people. People of all different races are still fighting for the equality of African American people. Although we cannot negate the negativity occurring in today’s day and age, we still need to celebrate the amount of progress we have made so far as a people. In the wake of a new wave of police brutality and persecution of black and brown people, we need to keep working and pushing forward for future generations to feel safe in the country they call home. We celebrate the beautiful men, women and children that struggle with racism, colorism and discrimination throughout their lives.

There is no denying that racism still exists and the evil that there is still in our world. This month is to spread the love and share the accomplishments that have been made in the past years. It is a time to reflect on the past as well as look to the future in the sense of where we still need to go in recognizing the black community. There needs to be more of a focus on recognizing the contributions of the African American community to American society and how drastically this society would change if they were not apart of our society and not for the better.

Not only are the contributions black people have made good for their community, but they are amazing for America as a whole and continue to impact this society for years to come. While our current time is far from perfect, Black History Month is a reminder that we need to stay strong and be more accepting, because unity is becoming increasingly scarce. United we stand. Divided, we fall.


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Renin Broadnax

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