Cabrini offers tutoring resources

By Renin Broadnax
December 8, 2017

Students can become a peer tutor in the Center for Student Success. Photo by Cabrini University.

Eighty-six percent of students who went to at least 10 tutoring sessions passed all of their classes. At almost every college, tutors are always available to students in almost every subject; however, although tutors are available, are they making a difference in their students academic careers?

The many tutoring centers are all located in Iadarola. The math resource center is located on the third floor at the end of the hallway room 318. The writing center is located on the first floor of Iadarola room 110.

If you are looking for a classroom coach for your specific class, their individual emails and contact information should be listed on your professors’ syllabus.

According to Matthew Slutz, coordinator of the tutoring program, there are 80 students who are employed over the course of every academic year as tutors.

“I feel that I am benefiting the students’ overall success within their field of study and making them better overall better learners,” Isabella Romani, a Cabrini sophomore and chemistry tutor, said.

On campus, there is an abundance of tutors who seem motivated.

Danielle Basile, a Cabrini sophomore said, “My freshmen year, I was tutored in calculus and no matter how many times I went to a session, I just couldn’t get it.”

We have students who are seeking help from tutors but are still not doing well in their classes. Does this mean that the tutors are failing at their jobs or are students just not receptive to the teachings?

Whether or not tutoring is effective cannot be solely based on one or two tutors or even a percentage of students. This issue depends on the student and how he or she learns.

“I believe in the staff of peer tutors. They are all very talented, ” Matthew Slutz said. “I am grateful to the faculty that recommends tutors every semester.”

Renin Broadnax

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