Words from your alumni: an inside look on their Cabrini experience

By Renin Broadnax
April 3, 2019

Graphic by Michelle Guerin/ Visual Managing Editor

Being a student on Cabrini’s campus is a once and a lifetime experience. It is something that only other people who have experienced life on campus can relate to. Whether it the still, quietness on a Saturday morning, the smell of The Bean while you’re waiting in line during that afternoon rush on a Wednesday afternoon or the sight of the sunset on a Sunday evening as you gaze out of your window while finishing that last bit of homework. What it’s like being a Cabrini student is something that is difficult to put into words but we have some Cabrini alumni here to let you in on life here at Cabrini.

Why Cabrini?

Cabrini alumni and the current staff member said, “Honesty, I got a postcard in the mail with a picture of the mansion on it and I heard about it through a family friend,” assistant director of athletics and recreation and women’s soccer assistant coach Jess Huda said.

Another Cabrini alumnus shares his story,

“Really it was my mom that sold me on the school,” assistant tennis coach and Cabrini 2017 graduate Alijah Broadnax said. “We were walking around the campus and she said this really looks like Cape May and that was it. I needed somewhere that reminded me of home and my family.”

A staff member of the Wolfington Center here at Cabrini shares her journey.

“I could live away but be home for dinner if I wanted a home cooked meal,” Megan Norris said. “I wanted to be a teacher and Cabrini had an excellent reputation for its education department and I wanted to get my degree somewhere that would help me diversify my resume but nowhere could compare to what Cabrini had to offer.”

A former Cabrini soccer player tells us his thoughts.

“Obviously being an athlete I had heard about Cabrini soccer program and that is what pulled me into visiting the school,” Diego Ramirez, 2017 Cabrini graduate, said.

A Cabrini moment you will never forget?

Cabrini Alumni shares his favorite sports memory.

“Being named Rookie of the year of my very first year playing tennis at Cabrini and being named CSAC player of the year,” Broadnax said. “I did not know if I could balance school work and playing tennis here at Cabrini and achieving this while also making dean’s list really set my mind at ease my freshman year.”  

Megan Norris gifts us with the memory of her graduation ceremony.

“There are many memorable moments from my long history here but I remember fondly singing the national anthem at my undergraduate graduation,” Norris said.

A former campus minister shares his favorite memory from his time there.

“Becoming apart of campus ministry and being campus minister will always be my favorite part of Cabrini,” Ramirez said. “ Going to Guatemala and many of the other service trips will always have a special place in my heart.”

How did you make your first friend at Cabrini?

Cabrini alumni share how he found his best friend during his rooming selection.

“I made my first friend and my best friend at Cabrini because he was my roommate,” Broadnax said. “When it comes to picking roommates there is always the anxiety of  ‘what if I do not like him’ but I really lucked out getting a roommate that will be my best friend forever.”

Huda shares how campus ministry lead her to her best friend.

“I would have to say going on my first spring break trip with Campus Ministry to Union, West Virginia,” Huda said. I did not know a soul going on the trip and came back with friends that I still talk today, one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Ramirez let us in on how sports and class can help from a friendship.

“I met my first friend in a biology course I took my freshman year and we also played soccer together,” Ramirez said. “If I had to give any advice join a sports team or club they are such a good way to make friends.”

A bit of advice to the incoming freshmen

“Ask questions and get involved,” Norris said. “ Take advantage of those small class sizes and get out of your dorm be with people as often as possible.”

“Be open to everything,” Huda said. “ This is an opportunity to figure out who you are, so make the most of your time so that you don’t have any regrets.”

“Go on study abroad trips and become apart of campus ministry if you want to do service work,” Ramirez said.

“Be yourself as much as this experience is terrifyingly new and scary be yourself and you will have the best time ever,” Broadnax said.

Describe your Cabrini experience in a few words

“Cabrini gave me the opportunity and confidence to be myself,” Huda said

“Happy, comfortable and successful,” Norris said.

“The best college experience,” Ramirez said.

“I honestly don’t know but the first word the comes to mind is ‘grateful’,” Broadnax said. “I want to thank Cabrini for making it easy to translate into the business world so I am just grateful for my time here and wish everyone could have as great as experience in college as I did.”


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Renin Broadnax

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