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New Arizona law sparks debate

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Arizona is probably having its most eventful week in a long time,… Read More

Russian adoption not a give-and-take process

A child is a human, is it not?  For some odd reason the American society has become the world of quick returns, and instant… Read More

Athletic dept. terminates Cabrini track and field team

After 27 years as a varsity sport at Cabrini, the athletic department has decided to discontinue the men’s and women’s track and field team.… Read More

Nike urges viewers to forgive and forget

This week, Nike debuted its new commercial featuring Tiger Woods. Never thought you’d hear his name in the advertising world again, did ya? The… Read More

Provost candidate: Dr. Anne Skleder

Cabrini continued its search for the vice president and provost position on Thursday, March 11, with Chatham College's dean, Dr. Anne Skleder.

Seniors should opt for experience, not A’s

Now that it’s finally hitting me that, very soon, there won’t be a cafeteria below my feet and sweatpants won’t actually be the appropriate businesswear, I’m starting to realize how important all of my internships and jobs were.

Cabrini hosts St. Jude benefit dinner

Cabrini students, faculty and community members bundled up and braved the cold weather to support St. Jude's Children's Hospital on Friday, Feb. 5. In the process, guests were treated to a great dinner of comfort foods, and raised over $4,000 to support cancer research.

Cabrini hosts St. Jude benefit dinner

Cabrini students, faculty and community members bundled up and braved the cold weather to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

The return of ‘LOST’: 4 8 15 16 23 42 and other questions I need answered

Okay so seriously "LOST" sounds like the most ridiculous show on television. I only know this because a) it has taken me forever to write this article because I realize how stupid it must sound and b) because I used to be its biggest critic. Fortunately for me, two admittedly addicted "LOST" fans coaxed me into watching the season five finale.

Cabrini Fund to go towards students’ financial aid

To respond to the fi nancial aid need of students, President Marie George has designated that all the money donated to the Cabrini Fund be specifically used for financial aid. The purpose of the Cabrini Fund, an annual fund-raising campaign, is to help address the greatest needs of the college, which varies each year.

Save, don’t spend, unless for Red Bull

The majority of the tuned-in, aware world has heard every detail of the latest economic crisis, but I know I'm not the only college student who was stuck wondering who these Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae people were. The truth is, the downward spiral of the economy never seemed to have any direct affect on me.

Big brother tracks with microchips

Season 10 of the reality television show "Big Brother" premiered on July 13. The show, which puts contestants under one roof for two months, has literally hundreds of cameras tracking the participants. Twenty-four hours a day, the cameras can track every action and locate every member of the show.

Peer tutors’ second opinion

The glitz and glamour of move-in day and welcome week are gone. As the temperature drops, the pile of homework continues to rise. With the pressure of academics, athletics and the ever important social life, Cabrini students are feeling the burn. Luckily, peer tutors are there to help.

Microsoft launches new protective program

Last month, Microsoft announced that it will be allowing users to toss cookies. Not literally, of course, but the company's new version of Internet Explorer will introduce new settings that allow customers to enjoy browsing the Web without worrying about deleting all that history.

Campus radio station hosts coffee shop show

On Nov. 2, WYBF "The Burn" hosted a concert in Jazzman's featuring The Glad Version with solo artist Billy Roach. Jillian Smith, sophomore English and communications major and WYBF Promotions director, was in charge of the event. "I messaged The Glad Version on MySpace on a whim and they got back to me right away and said they could be here Nov.
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