Peer tutors’ second opinion

By Megan Kutulis
September 25, 2008

Shannon Keough

The glitz and glamour of move-in day and welcome week are gone. As the temperature drops, the pile of homework continues to rise. With the pressure of academics, athletics and the ever important social life, Cabrini students are feeling the burn. Luckily, peer tutors are there to help.

Located in room 110 of the Iadarola Center, formerly known as the SET building, peer tutoring is one of Cabrini’s many services set in place to help students survive the year ahead.

For those students who are reading this and telling yourself that you just can’t seem to fit a tutoring session in between beating the meal exchange line and making it to your 1:55 on time, you’ll have to find another excuse.

The tutoring center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and even if there aren’t any tutors available bright and early, there are staff members there to help out. Walk-ins are also welcome, so have no fear if you’re looking to go over your paper one more time before you hand it in. If you still can’t find time, most tutors are willing to set up an appointment after hours, and some are available until 8 p.m.

“It definitely depends on the student and what he or she is looking for, but I think tutoring is beneficial; even if it’s just to be sure you did your homework right,” Ben Ferguson, junior Spanish major, said.

Ferguson, who has been a peer tutor for two years, started working as a classroom coach for Spanish 201 this year. Classroom coaches, who aid professors during classes that deal with their respective areas of tutoring, are present throughout the class to help any students who require extra help or clarification of material.

Besides offering impromptu appointments and classroom coaching, the tutoring center has the perfect source for all of the students who could never live without spell check. The Writing Center gives students a chance to bring their papers in and get them reviewed-for free. Some teachers even shell out a few extra credit points to students who go.

Still, with all these opportunities so accessible, junior international business major and tutor Ellie Spano doesn’t think that students are taking advantage of what the center has to offer.

“I don’t think students take advantage of the peer tutoring center at all,” Spano said.

So to all you students who can’t seem to understand the biology lab due next week or find yourself still stumped for the right answer to math problem number two, the peer tutoring center is your solution.

“I think the best thing about being a tutor is being able to reinforce what I have learned. It’s kind of like a review for me, and it’s nice to be able to relay what I already know to students who are struggling with the same material,” Ferguson said.

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Megan Kutulis

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