Russian adoption not a give-and-take process

By Megan Kutulis
April 13, 2010

A child is a human, is it not?  For some odd reason the American society has become the world of quick returns, and instant satisfaction.  For one Tennessee woman, the confusion of an April Fool’s joke came 13 days too late.

News flash lady, people are not returnable.  33-year-old Torry Hansen had always dreamed of having a child to call her own.  That fantasy quickly became a reality after adopting a seven-year-old boy from Moscow.

Her life simply seemed complete in the country town of Shelbyville, until six months after the young boy’s arrival.  Her so-called sweet, adorable son, shortly became what she claims to be a “behavioral nightmare.”  Her recent allegations cover from continuous screaming, spitting and the most dramatic fixation of threatening to burn the house.

For fun lets say these were all true of the young child’s behavior, you still cannot possibly think returning a child is normal?  Just the other day, Ms. Hansen sent her adoptive son on a one-way flight to Moscow with a lovely little note in his jacket stating “I no longer wish to parent this child.”

Poor Artyon Savelyev was disowned quicker than the platform sneaker phase.  Okay, we get his name was complicated to say, and maybe even hard to pronounce while reprimanding, but you just don’t give a child away because you simply have had enough.

The clearly unstable and hot mess of a mother claims the Russian orphanage failed to disclose the boy’s psychological problems?  Wow doll, you must be kidding? Did someone forget to make records of your mental state?  I think yes.  This is not a shirt that makes you look fat.  This is a child that has been brought up in an environment that often comes from complications and confusion.

Although we as the public do not know the truth, due to the fact that this case is still under investigation, we can assume that the person at fault would be the 33-year-old nutjob. Maybe it was the best thing for the boy to be removed away from this inhumane individual, for he deserves no more stress and dysfunction in his life.

I could only imagine the Google searches this lady did before actually completing her outrageous tactic.  “Can you return your son like a pair of shoes?”  Like seriously lady, what was the problem?

There is no way your darling son Artyom was nearly bad as Esther from the movie “Orphan.”  And hell, they kept that kid and loved her like their own. The ultimate problem of this case is that the country bumpkin from Tennessee was not deserving of a child, and clearly holds a dark psychological past of her own.

The only thing this lady should ever essentially be allowed to take care of is a beta fish, the ones that look half dead in the plastic containers.  I wish you luck Ms. Hansen, cause you are currently America’s joke until Britney Spears forgets to wear underwear again, so do us all a favor and get your shit together.

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Megan Kutulis

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