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Consumer guide to ethical clothing

As consumers, we are constantly buying the newest trends. However, there is also a very high probability that most people do not think about… Read More

Military going for a sharper image

Recent military regulation changes include several restrictions regarding military personnel having specific tattoos. Are these rules shaping for a cleaner appearance or is this a hinderence on freedom of expression?

ECG classes open a world of opportunity

I never thought I'd say that working on a group project for a class would lead to a pretty cool experience, but it did. My group for ECG is focusing on workers' rights and fair trade in the clothing industry. This required a lot of research on the topic our group had chosen as well as interview sources. Surprisingly, this is where things started to get pretty cool.

Speaker tells how school she started is a window of opportunity in Albania

Klementina Shahini, an Albanian educator, spoke to Cabrini classes about her mission to educate and improve the lives of students in her home country.

Eboo Patel: a journey to social justice through interfaith dialogue

Pluralism is the diversity of religions co-existing in society and is what Patel believes is key in peace building.

Nerney leadership institute: executive-in-residence program helps students find self-leadership

The Inaugural Executive-in-Residence program that took place on Thursday, Oct 24 was yet another milestone for the Nerney Leadership Institute.

Is chivalry dead?

Dear Blue, I recently went on a date with a beautiful girl I just met. I thought it was going great until I dropped… Read More

D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

As the shooting that took place in D.C. begins to be analyzed, two discussion points arise: Guns and mental health. Are the two synonymous? or should they both be viewed as seperate entities?

Zimmerman Trial Recap

This summer, America waited in anticipation for a verdict that would have people talking for months. The trial of George Zimmerman and the events… Read More

Creig Doyle: New director of public safety welcomes his role

As a new year begins, a new face can be seen around campus and in Public Safety. Creig Doyle, the new director of Public… Read More

News Briefs

Charges against ricin suspect dropped The attorney for Paul Kevin Curtis told reporters Tuesday that federal authorities are looking at another suspect in connection… Read More

Class of 2017 welcomed at Accepted Students Day

Many were asking questions as to how they could get involved once on campus, and current students were just as excited to respond.

FAQ’s about dorm life

Here are some common questions related to dorm life.

Tablets v. Textbooks: the future of learning

How many times have you asked someone if they’ve read the newest book in a series or seen the trailer for the newest movie,… Read More

For Massenburg, mission trip brings home meaning of social justice

On the one day break from work, Massenburg was able to see why she and the others were there in Mount Hope.

Kammer outlines challenges to Catholic Social Teaching

“The primary subject to be safeguarded is man…”

Mardi Gras: That time of the year once again

"It's just one of those things you have to do in your lifetime."- Amy Cimo

Technology: blessing and a curse

There is no app for human to human interaction

CAP Board event pumps students up for Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl draws near, football fans from all over campus came together to get in the spirit of the sport.

Hurricane Sandy leaves freshman’s home in ruins

Everyone is aware of how devastating Superstorm Sandy was to numerous homes throughout the Northeast, especially in New Jersey.  For freshman Justin Juliano, Sandy… Read More


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