Is chivalry dead?

By Gregory Smith
October 16, 2013

Ask Blue 8Dear Blue,

I recently went on a date with a beautiful girl I just met. I thought it was going great until I dropped her off. She wasn’t happy. She complained how I’m not a gentleman and that I need to know how to treat a girl. I got angry because who does she think she is telling me how to treat someone. After I calmed down, I thought about it. Is it really a big deal if I open the door for them? Why do girls care so much about that?


Lost Boy


Dear Reader,

I’m sorry to hear about your recent date, but I’m here to offer some advice! While it may not seem like things such as holding a door for a girl is a big deal, it is actually one of the more important things you should do on a date.

Girls notice the little things. Believe me, holding a door or helping a girl into her chair at the restaurant can make or break you when the time comes to ask for a second date. I realize you still might be thinking that its not that big of a deal, or that “chivalry is dead,” but it only takes one person to keep it alive. Start holding the door for family members like your mom or grandmother. I guarantee that they will notice, and it will be good practice for when you go out again.

For many, the idea of holding a door for a girl is a double standard, particularly for girls who are more feministic and don’t believe they need men to do things for them to feel empowered. They believe they are just as capable as men in all aspects and seemingly don’t want men to do anything for them. However, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold the door for them anyway. If they really feel strongly about you not holding the door, they’ll let you know, but unless they say otherwise, be a gentleman and hold it for them.

By doing the little things like this, girls will take notice and appreciate you for that. It will show you are a gentleman and that you respect her, and will almost certainly guarantee you a second date. Practice makes perfect. Hold doors, take coats and pull out chairs and you will come out a step above the rest when it comes to dating.

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Gregory Smith

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