Creig Doyle: New director of public safety welcomes his role

By Gregory Smith
September 1, 2013

As a new year begins, a new face can be seen around campus and in Public Safety.

Creig Doyle, the new director of Public Safety, is excited to begin his career at Cabrini this year.

“I realized I wasn’t ready for retirement,” Doyle said. “I felt like I had a lot more to contribute.”

Doyle is no novice in the area of public safety and law enforcement. He has over 40 years of experience in most aspects of law enforcement, including alcohol countermeasures, VIP/dignitary protection and campus law enforcement. Doyle also boasts an impressive education and training background, graduating from the FBI National Academy, a U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection  seminar and an FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development program. Doyles’ previous work experiences at Carnegie Mellon University and Plymouth State University have also given him the experience of working in a college environment.

“My goal is to use the skills and training I’ve had to help promote a safe and educated community here at Cabrini,” Doyle said. ” I want to do everything I can to achieve that.”

Doyle also gave some insight into some immediate goals he has for this year.

“My number one goal this year is to fill the vacant positions in public safety as soon as possible, particularly shuttle drivers.” Doyle said. “Shuttle drivers directly affect the students, and I want to make things the students use most as convenient as possible.”

Doyle is also very passionate about what he does, and wants the people he works with to be the same way.

“I want to hire people who want to be here at Cabrini.” Doyle said. “I want to hire people who hold themselves to a high standard of excellence.”

Doyle is also very excited about one idea in particular: a Residence Hall Liaison program. This program, adopted from a program at the University of Delaware, would create a closer community within residence halls and that halls public safety officer.

“The goal of this program is to have public safety officers work closely with RA’s and Area Coordinators so that students in the residence halls become more comfortable talking to public safety officers and getting to know them on a better level.” Doyle said. “By doing this, I hope to establish a more comfortable relationship between the residents and public safety.”

Doyle is extremely excited about beginning his time here at Cabrini and about campus life.

“The campus here is just beautiful,” Doyle said. “Just coming in for the first time, I thought it was a gorgeous spot.”

When asked about campus life, Doyle was very eager to answer.

“I want to be involved as much as possible.” Doyle said. “I used to be a lane timer for swim meets. Hopefully I can get the chance to do that here for Cabrini’s swim team.”

Overall, Doyle cannot wait to get the year going and to get to know Cabrini and everything it has to offer.

“I’m so thrilled to be here.” Doyle said. “I’m ready to make a difference here.”


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Gregory Smith

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