Class of 2017 welcomed at Accepted Students Day

By Gregory Smith
April 18, 2013

Accepted Students Day is a time for teachers, current students and staff members to get to know the incoming freshman class, as well as for the incoming freshman class to know all of them. This year, clubs and student organizations set up tables on the Upper Athletic Field to give new students an inside look at what the College has to offer.

Nicole Porecca, sophomore psychology major and member of the Active Minds club, was very excited about Accepted Students Day.

“I like how they had the lunch outside surrounded by the activities. It allowed for people to eat and move around freely in the open space and fresh air,” Porecca said. “The atmosphere and the nice weather really seemed to create an accurate sense of what our campus and Cabrini has to offer.”

Dan LaBar, freshman management and information systems major and Student Ambassador  also had very positive things to say about Accepted Students Day.

“It was a great hit,” LaBar said. “A lot of students made their deposits and during the question panel, there were a lot of really great questions. The incoming class seems really excited about what we have to offer and about coming here in the fall.”

Students also seemed to be buzzing with excitement as they passed the tables.

Many were asking questions as to how they could get involved once on campus, and current students were just as excited to respond.

“Everything with the panel was a great success. There were tons of students asking about how to be ambassadors and about how they can get involved in clubs and activities on campus,” LaBar said. “Some were even asking about how they could start their own clubs once the next semester started.”

One of the biggest questions asked to the current students who helped with the days events was, “What can we do to make next year better?”

“I think it would be good if they could find a way to make the day longer,” Porecca said. “They did a great job with the time they had, but there was a lot they tried to fit in, and I think if they made the events span out over the course of a few extra hours…the day would be more effective.”

LaBar had an idea similar to Porecca’s.

“It definitely should have been longer. I was giving tours of campus over half an hour after the day ended, and I had more tours lined up after that, but I couldn’t give them because the day was over,” LaBar said.

The overall effect of Accepted Students Day was to make students feel welcome to Cabrini’s campus as students, but the real goal of Cabrini is much larger.

“Cabrini has a lot in store for the incoming students,” Porecca said. “They’re going to receive much more than a standard education. They’re going to receive an education of the heart.”

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Gregory Smith

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