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Live music reaches college students on Main Line

Looking for a coffee shop to hang out at that is different than Starbucks? Then MilkBoy Coffee Shop is the place to go. This student-friendly coffee shop has a relaxing environment, providing free Wi-Fi internet service and free shows. With two locations on the Main Line, getting coffee can be more enjoyable without waiting in those long lines with nowhere to sit and relax.

Welcoming the class of 2013

dbye to your parents is not emotional until the day it actually happens. The class of 2013 has surely anticipated their arrival on campus over the summer, but the emotions did not kick in until Thursday, Aug. 20. Students and their families were unpacking cars and unloading belongings into the residence halls while being welcomed to Cabrini College with activities, ceremonies and events throughout the hot and muggy summer day.

Trainor honored to play in America

The Cabrini men's golf team is swinging into action, currently ranked third in the mid Atlantic region. Four main starters on the team include Mike Ryan, Chris Lawler, Tim Harner and Conor Trainor, an exchange student from Ireland. Trainor is enjoying the transition from Ireland to America and is creating everlasting friendships with his fellow teammates.

Commuting at Cabrini won’t leave you lonely

Many people wonder, do you get the full experience of college if you're a commuter? My answer is that getting the full experience is what you make of it, whether you're a commuter or not. I have been commuting since freshman year. Now that I am almost a junior, I have adjusted easily to the whole commuting back and forth to school sort of thing.

Funny Fest delivers laughter

Laughter broke out when nine contestants experienced their five minutes of fame while performing in the second comedy competition, Funny Fest, where the winner landed a five-minute gig at Comedy Cabaret in Northeast Philadelphia. Jake Verterano, junior English and communication major, received the most votes and earned the crown as king of Funny Fest.

Poor second quarter dooms Cavaliers

The outcome of the Cabrini men's lacrosse game on Saturday, March 21, ended as a close attempt to victory. Within the last two Saturday games, this concluded the team's third loss as Roanoke College defeated the Cavaliers 16-13. Roanoke's fast transition offense changed the game entirely.

Young softball team ready to turn heads

Despite ending the 2008 season with an overall 12-25 finish and an 8-12 mark in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference, the Cabrini women's softball team has hopes to better their record this year. For senior players, it's astonishing to start their final season playing Cabrini softball.

Planned Parenthood gives out gift certificates

When I think of gift certificates, restaurants and stores cross my mind. Never would I think of an organization such as Planned Parenthood being the provider of gift certificates. I can see this stirring up controversy, maybe even praise. National Public Radio had a talk show in December about the idea of Planned Parenthood giving gift certificates to women in need of healthcare during the tough economic downturn.

Nardello, breaking records with a smile

Winning races and beating school records, Dana Nardello, sophomore special education major, makes it look easy. But it's not all a walk in the park. Being a captain of the women's track and field team takes a lot of dedication and effort. And Nardello proves those characteristics, while maintaining a positive attitude.

Roberts accepts Ivy Young Willis Award

The President of Cabrini College, Dr. Marie Angelella George, introduced this year's recipient for the Ivy Young Willis Award. The ceremony was held in Grace Hall on Feb. 5. This year's honoree, Cokie Roberts, has worked with ABC News, National Public Radio, USA Weekend Magazine and wrote three books.

Making good use of a week off: Senior leaves her mark

As seniors, we tend to think of spring break as our last chance to gather up a group of friends and take an unforgettable trip to an exotic island or somewhere far out of the country. For me, that was not the case.

A day in the life of the Phillie Phanatic

Not only does the Phanatic parade around the ballpark bringing smiles to fans, but he is also part of a movement to encourage the importance of reading.

Play2 redefines entertainment in Philadelphia

Looking for a good time? Welcome to Play2, the next generation of sports bar entertainment in South Philly.

Campus assaults most under-reported crime, study finds

Victims of sexual assault tend not to report their assaults to campus security officers or to the police, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

Nation and World

Indian tribes attend largest gathering President Obama said that the meeting that brought roughly 564 American Indian tribes to Washington was "the largest and most widely attended gathering of tribal leaders in our history." The meeting was held to accommodate their needs, the main topic being health care.

Change in attitude could help alleviate financial woes

The end is near for the fall 2009 semester, as we all wait for these long four weeks to pass us by. Many of us, if not all, are excited for the holiday season. It's a wonderful time of year where people give without expectation of receiving, especially to those less fortunate.

College receives award for civic engagement

Cabrini College was one of five universities to receive a prestigious award that approximately 70 colleges and universities applied for. The first annual award, titled the Higher Education Civic Engagement Award, was presented by The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars on Oct.

Editors tell all

From growing up in South Philadelphia and living down the street from the unforgettable Veterans Stadium, I have witnessed numerous encounters that have made history in Philly sports throughout my life. Now I know what you could be thinking, this isn't the sports section, so why is she leading to Philly sports? As most (or hopefully all) of you know, the Phillies clinched the National League East title for the third consecutive year in a row.

Cabrini volunteers bring hope to West Virginia

Cabrini College's slogan, "Do something extraordinary," comes into effect as the College reaches out to a variety of programs in need of help and assistance. One of the programs is Camp Kismet, a camp for disadvantaged children in West Virginia. Since 1982, Cabrini College Alumni Association, joined by students, faculty and staff, volunteer as camp counselors every July.

Philadelphia strives for new ad campaign

Catchy and cute ads displayed all over Philadelphia, identified as the "With Love Philadelphia" campaign, are an eye-catching hit to travelers seeking out new ventures in the "City of Brotherly Love." But are these seemingly innocent ads inviting out-of-towners to stay overnight or is there a pretty penny to go along with it? The official visitor site for greater Philadelphia, gophila.
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