Play2 redefines entertainment in Philadelphia

By Gianna Shikitino
February 22, 2010

Looking for a good time? Welcome to Play2, the next generation of sports bar entertainment.

Pete Ciarrochi, creator of the famous crab fry, is at it again with his invention of the latest hotspot. However, Play2 is the farthest thing from your typical sports bar. There are big-screen TVs, alcohol, good-looking servers and greasy food, but what sets Play2 apart from other sports bars is the interactive entertainment experience.

“Play2 is different because you create your own entertainment. You get to play the videogames you want to play or watch the game you want to watch. How your night turns out is completely up to you,” Casey Brown, employee at Play2, said.

Ciarrocchi said he actually got the idea from his 6-year-old son after losing to him in a game on Nintento Wii. He realized at that moment that everybody can play the games and everybody can have a good time.

Besides the typical bar, dance floor and tables, Play2 has little nooks, known as “apecs” or “pods.” Within these pods is where the entertainment has been taken to a whole different level. Each group of players has its own pod.

Whip out the guitars and drums and rock out with your friends with Rockband. Bowl a strike or serve an ace. Beat your friend in a race in Mariokart. Compete with other people in different pods and battle them on the big screen for everyone to see. Loser buys the next round.

“Most people don’t find their jobs fun, but I do. Working here is crazy. It’s a rush running around here serving people. I come here all the time when I’m not working. I don’t know; none of the other bars around here even compare to this place,” Brian Stokes, employee at Play2, said.

If the employees are having a good time working, you can only imagine the amount of fun the guests are having.

“It’s more fun than a typical bar. I’m a huge video gamer, so if you give me video games, alcohol, food and good-looking girls, I am living the dream,” Tony Bloom, customer at Play2, said.

Play2 is a great place to just hang out as well. You can grab some good food and drinks and just enjoy a Phillies or Eagles game with all of your friends. Play2 is an extension of Chickie’s & Pete’s, so all of the menu items that are found there are also available at Play2.

Looking for a good time? Pete Ciarrocchi and Play2 have the answer. Head down to south Philly for good food, good drinks, good friends and good entertainment.

Gianna Shikitino

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