Welcoming the class of 2013

By Gianna Shikitino
August 27, 2009

Shannon Keough

The idea of saying goodbye to your parents is not emotional until the day it actually happens. The class of 2013 has surely anticipated their arrival on campus over the summer, but the emotions did not kick in until Thursday, Aug. 20.

Students and their families were unpacking cars and unloading belongings into the residence halls while being welcomed to Cabrini College with activities, ceremonies and events throughout the hot and muggy summer day.

Cabrini students welcomed the class of 2013 and their families by helping with luggage and showing families around campus, which was a relief for many families.

Cindy and Michael Olsen, parents of Kristin Olsen, felt that Cabrini provided a lot of assurance for the families and made move-in a stress-free event.

“The college made it so much easier. Cabrini is like a resort. It’s so beautiful,” Mrs. Olsen said.

The excitement and mixed emotions were shared between the Olsens while reminiscing on their daughter’s important day.

“She is the first one out of the kids to go to college; this is an eye opening experience for us,” Mr. Olsen said.

“It was really comforting when the parents left her room and she turned around all excited to us and said ‘yay!'” Mrs. Olsen said.

Inside of the residence halls, throughout the day, families organized rooms while greeting their child’s new dorm room neighbors.

The Lehr family was relieved to finish unloading their daughter Lindsey’s belongings before most of the other freshmen were halfway finished.

“I anticipated it being chaotic, the heat doesn’t help but moving in is not so bad,” Lindsey said. “I’m pretty nervous to start college, but now that I am here and settled in I am pretty excited.”

Lindsey’s father, Hal Lehr, enjoyed the festivities outside of Founder’s Hall as well as the Philly Phanatic, who made an appearance for the big day.

“We’re going to miss her, but it is a new experience and we’re all looking forward to it. The Philly Phanatic was helpful,” Mr. Lehr said.

After the relieving feeling of moving in, the freshmen socialized and started to feel at home. Roommates Adam Conte and Andrew Layne anxiously waited for what would come next after unpacking.

“I’ve got some pretty cool roommates and new stuff for our room. I’m anticipating what’s next like all of the cool people and professors I am going to meet,” Conte said.

“I’m excited, I’m playing lacrosse here and I visited twice so I am ready to start school and start playing,” Layne said.

The day ended with the Matriculation Ceremony and Liturgy which brought students and their families together before the emotional goodbyes were shared.

Dr. Marie Angelella George gave a heartfelt welcome to the class of 2013.

“Cabrini is a place to learn, reflect and grow. This year you’re making history at Cabrini,” George said.

The ceremony displayed a video of selected 2009 graduates and how appreciative they are to have had a Cabrini education.

The long day finished with a picnic on the commons, which welcomed families and students who realized that their Cabrini education starts now.

Bonnie Uditsky was not nervous or sad to leave her son Billy at Cabrini, knowing that he is ready for his college experience to begin.

“This is the best thing for my son,” Mrs. Uditsky said. “As a parent, leaving him at Cabrini is the best fit for him and I won’t miss him because I know he is happy and that he doesn’t have any rules but his own. I told him, college is the best part of your life, so enjoy it now while you can. As a parent I am very happy that he is here and I am glad that he’s really happy.”.

Gianna Shikitino

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