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Fair Trade Day promotes awareness

Students, faculty, staff and visitors gathered in Jazzman's to learn about the Fair Trade movement and enjoy the coffee, chocolates and accessories that were displayed right outside of the Widener Lecture Hall. Although the nationally recognized Fair Trade Day takes place during the second weekend of May every year, Cabrini decided to hold an event solely dedicated to informing the campus community and promoting fair trade on Oct.

Jon and Kate: Please give me your eight!

Two nine year olds, six five year olds... just the thought of having all those children makes me want to pull my hair out. I couldn't imagine the stress that parents are under raising just two or three children, let alone eight. But with that said, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to get what you want.

Student safety protected by Clery Act

Throughout the nation, colleges and universities have had to deal with the unfortunate reality of crimes being committed on a daily basis.

Brand yourself: blog like crazy come out on top

If you’re a communication major at Cabrini, you are well aware that our professors urge (and often require) us to use twitter, facebook and… Read More

Writing: is ECG enough?

Foster Care in America, People Who Make History, Sustainable Communities. These are just a few of the several Engagements with the Common Good (ECG) courses offered to current sophomores and freshmen. These classes are a part of the Justice Matters curriculum that Cabrini introduced back in 2008.

Funds aimed to prevent drunk driving

Drinking and driving is an overwhelmingly significant issue that has plagued this country for decades.

Hovering helicopter parents need a reality check

In a world where education is the primary factor that determines a child’s future potential and reality, there are those dominant figures that can… Read More

Is Paris Hilton famous for getting arrested?

What’s white, powder-like and small enough to fit in a baggy? According to Paris Hilton, a stick of gum. It was just another night… Read More

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have done it again. The reunion show heard throughout the world proved to be a paramount success for… Read More

News Briefs for Aug. 26, 2010

Aug. 19, 2010 The Obama administration has implemented plans that involve a group of private military contractors to take over tasks now carried out… Read More

Police should change focus

Why, Mr. Officer of the Law, do you feel it necessary to present me with a ticket when I do NOT have a bad track record?

Local bars crack down on underage college students

Down the windy hills of King of Prussia Road and past the prevailing aromas of Peace-a-Pizza lies one of the most popular Irish pubs… Read More


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