Local bars crack down on underage college students

By Elizabeth Scopelliti
April 25, 2010

Down the windy hills of King of Prussia Road and past the prevailing aromas of Peace-a-Pizza lies one of the most popular Irish pubs in Delaware County. Kildare’s, the hot spot for a majority of college students, has been praised and applauded for being an authentic hangout amongst young adults.

Recently, bars such as Kildare’s have been buckling down on who can or cannot enter their doors.

With so many college students acquiring fake IDs, it is imperative that the bouncers and owners at these bars crack down and deny entrance to any underage kids trying to get in.

“The bar has always had a strict policy on not allowing underage people in,” Tom Hayes, security at Kildare’s, said in an e-mail. “With it being a restaurant during the day, legally, no one under the age is allowed in after 10 p.m. without their parent or guardian.”

Although the bar scene at Kildare’s is more geared for those over the age of 25, there are still college students who like to come in, therefore resulting in the bouncers scanning IDs.

“They draw the college age crowd with open bar happy hours,” Hayes said. “And that’s when the managers make sure everyone’s ID is scanned.”

There are many severe consequences that can occur by letting underage kids into a bar.

Besides being fined thousands of dollars, there is the risk of getting the establishment closed down completely.

Because the bouncers are aware of the harsh punishments they could possibly receive, they take their jobs very seriously and make sure they are not letting any minors past their doors.

“If someone is found to be in the bar underage, they are immediately escorted out by myself or one of my staff. If anyone is found at the door to have a fake ID, it is confiscated and submitted to the police, which is the law set by the liquor control board,” Hayes said. “Most places around town do the same. Brownies, for example, takes the IDs and displays them on the wall in the lobby. That serves as a deterrent for underage kids and the people who might loan their IDs to friends.”

Bars are trying to impress upon underage students that if you are under 21, there is no reason you should even walk through their door.

The risk of getting caught is higher than ever due to ID scanners and blacklights and the consequences are becoming more severe.

As more people turn 21 and friends are left behind there is more pressure to borrow and buy fake IDs as well as sneak in under the radar.

Bars are making it clear that while this may have worked before, they are now shutting their doors on anyone not of legal age.

Brownies is located on Lancaster Ave. -- Lisa S. Robinson/Staff Photographer
Kildare’s is located on Rt. 202 in King of Prussia. -- Lisa S. Robinson/Staff Photographer

Elizabeth Scopelliti

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