Police should change focus

By Elizabeth Scopelliti
August 19, 2010

I think there’s been a moment in everyone’s life when they have been guilty of speeding. It’s an inevitable fact that is bound to take place more than once, twice, or a dozen times.

I’ve had my license for three and a half years and I’m proud to say that I consider myself a very responsible and conscientious driver. I wear my seatbelt, I use my mirrors, I generally go within 10 m.p.h. of the speed limit, etc.  So why, Mr. Officer of the Law, do you feel it necessary to present me with a ticket when I do not have a bad track record?

The reason I bring this up is simple; I see no point in negatively altering people’s days solely to meet a quota that should not have been set in the first place.

I was pulled over for the first time in my life in July while on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. (Side note: if any of you have driven on this road, you know as well as I do how boring and never-ending it is.)

I was playing a game with my mom and while I was thinking about how to answer her question, my foot ever so slightly pressed itself harder onto the gas, which resulted in me going over 15 miles above the “65 mph” zone I was in. Right as my mom told me to slow down, I looked out my mirror and saw the flashing lights behind me, signaling for me to pull over.

OK, long story short, the cop was super nice and lowered my “punishment,” so to say. But still let’s be for real here! It’s not like I was tailgating or swerving through lanes.

I think police officers are wonderful people or at least I hope they are. I have had a few minor run-ins with the cops over the past few years, and some are just straight up rude and impolite.

But regardless, I still see no point in handing out tickets or citations for simply speeding. If you’re going 75 in a 25, then you have issues. But 10 mph over the speed limit, 15 mph? If we’re all traveling in the same lane without tailgating or endangering the lives of others, who cares?

I’m not stupid. You want our money, don’t lie. I also know you have that silly quota to meet every month. How about this–instead of parking on side roads or disguising yourself in blue Ford Explorers, you actually go out and find the bad guys…the ones that continue to terrorize our cities every day?

Crazy idea, I know, but take it from a girl who lives in a town where 2340398 back up police cars are called when 2 people get pulled over for speeding-chill with the drama. And remember how your egotistical ways can ruin someone’s day.

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Elizabeth Scopelliti

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