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Adult Day Center helps those with Dementia

The Main Line Adult Day Center is a day-care for adults, which provides an environment for people with this disease to relate to one another and build relationships.

Cell phones replace wallet at restaurant

Imagine going out to dinner and only bringing your cell phone, no wallet necessary. In this modern-age of technology, a very traditional task is… Read More

Local chinese restaurant No.1 in country

Local Chinese restaurant, Yangming, was named the best Chinese food restaurant in America by CBS Sunday Morning. Located in Bryn Mawr, Pa., Yangming offers a variety of fresh, authentic Chinese food at reasonable prices.

Top 5 ways to give back during the holidays

The holidays are a great time to reflect on everything we have to be greatful for. They are also a great time to give back to those who are not as fortunate. If you are looking to give back this holiday season, consider taking part in one of the following charities and causes.

New name, same product

Corn Refiners Association want to change the name "corn syrup" to "corn sugar"

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Facebook movie a phony? “The Social Network,” a movie about Facebook and its creator, is set to be released at the New… Read More

Hidden dangers present in cyberspace

Cyberbullying is the act of using the internet to intimidate, threaten or harass someone else.

Taylor Swift rocks home state of Pa.

Excitement and screaming fans packed the Wachovia Center as Taylor Swift's Fearless tour hit philadelphia for two consecutive nights.

Inside Look: Intramural Sports

Participating in intramural sports at Cabrini College is a great way to have fun and get some exercise at the same time. Cabrini offers several types of intramural sports, including; volleyball, dodge-ball, basketball, flag football, kickball, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer, and wiffleball.

Intramurals are ‘on the list’ for Cabrini students

Cabrini offers several types of intramural sports including volleyball, dodge ball, basketball, flag football, kickball, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer and wiffleball.

Winter Track Update

The women's track team was scheduled to compete Saturday Feb. 6, at Ursinus College. Due to the inclement weather, the meet was canceled. The women's track team was hoping for a successful weekend because they had two meets scheduled. Besides the Ursinus College meet, two members of the team were invited to New York City to compete in the New Balance Collegiate Invitational.

Miracle diets won’t fix obesity rate

In America, two thirds of all adults are overweight or obese. This is a shocking statistic especially when you realize how many people you personally know that fall into this statistic. So what exactly is to blame for the increasing rate of obesity in America? Is it the food we consume or the lifestyle we live? Food is not to blame for the increasing rate of obesity.

Body Worlds 2 takes over Franklin Institute

Over 25 dead, preserved bodies, a man cut horizontally in 14 pieces and a camel cut in half are just a few of the most shocking and eye-opening displays at the exhibit called Body Worlds 2 & The Brain at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. This unique exhibit is shocking because it contains real people who donated their bodies.

Perry Brisbon brings Italian opera to Cabrini’s campus

With a voice that seemed to shake the entire mansion at its core, Perry Brisbon performed a dozen pieces by Beethoven, Mozart, Rossini and Duparc on Sunday, Nov. 22. Brisbon was accompanied on the piano by Kay Stretton. The harmonious sounds of the piano helped tell each story Brisbon was singing.

Michael Oher’s magical story told in new hit film ‘The Blind Side’

Lately most of the "new releases" being seen in movie theaters are actually remakes of old movies. However, on Nov. 20, a movie called "The Blind Side" will change this remake streak. This movie is based on a book, also titled "The Blind Side" by Michael Lewis.

Cabrini students front and center in local bands

Talent and determination are two qualities that are easy to find in students at Cabrini College. Among these talented and determined students are Eric Povish, Steve Klapy and Ryan Lane. All three have their own bands. Eric Povish, junior communication major, is involved in a band called Small Towns Big Cities.

New John Mayer song prompts mixed reactions

John Mayer, a man who can sum up life- changing events and an array of emotions in just a few lyrics, is releasing his highly anticipated album on Nov. 17. The album, titled "Battle Studies," is set to have 11 new tracks. Over the years, Mayer has grown as an artist, transforming from a mellow, acoustic songwriter to someone who has gained recognition as a blues artist.

Free depression screening offered to Cabrini students

On Thursday, Oct. 8, Cabrini College held National Depression Screening Day in Founder's Hall. National Depression Screening Day is a free resource offered to students at Cabrini College. This day can be very beneficial to those who suspect they are suffering from depression.

Freshmen retreat canceled

The freshmen retreat, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 3, was canceled and will be rescheduled for sometime in January. The reason for the cancellation was made clear by Christa Angeloni, the campus minister. "The advertising for the hike was actually submitted before the school year even started and when the staff met in August and decided to run a different freshmen retreat we did not realize we had already submitted information to the marketing department in months prior," Angeloni said.

Hedtke lectures on Constitution Day

Constitution Day, Sept. 17, is a staple in American history, the day that we gained our American rights. Dr. James Hedtke gave a lecture in the mansion on Thursday, Sept. 17, regarding the importance. On Jan. 4, 2007, Illinois Senator Durbin mandated that every college must have a Constitution Day or the college's financial aid could be in jeopardy.


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