Cabrini students front and center in local bands

By Danielle McLaughlin
November 12, 2009

Lauren Sliva

Talent and determination are two qualities that are easy to find in students at Cabrini College. Among these talented and determined students are Eric Povish, Steve Klapy and Ryan Lane. All three have their own bands.

Eric Povish, junior communication major, is involved in a band called Small Towns Big Cities. Povish plays the drums, Ralph Ritter plays the guitar and sings, Tyler Anelsm plays the guitar and Kyle Simmons is on the bass.

As a group of Pottstown and Boyertown natives, this band definitely writes songs for a purpose. Most of their songs are about serious topics such as murders and social injustices in the city of Philadelphia. This collaboration of musically passionate individuals is extremely focused on the lyrics they write.

“We are perfectionists, we will rewrite songs over and over until we feel the song is perfect,” Povish said.

Small Towns Big Cities came out with their first album on itunes in February 2008 called “Our City the Murder Town.” The title of the album was inspired by Philadelphia. The band is currently working on their second album that is expected to be out around fall 2010.

The band, who refers to their genre of music as “pop music,” has been compared to mainstream acts like The Starting Line.

This band has graced Cabrini with their presence several times. They have performed at Battle of the Bands and also played in the common room of Xavier. On a larger scale, the band has performed at several big shows and a few sold out shows in Philadelphia, as well as a number of benefit shows for organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms and Love 146.

To describe this band in a few short words, they are a couple of good guys doing what they love. To learn more about Small Towns Big Cities and listen to some of their songs, check out their Myspace page as well as their Facebook.

Another group of passionate musicians is a band that goes by the name of Waiting to Fall. The members of this band include Steve Klapy on bass and back-up vocals, Mic Swinty, who plays guitar and sings, Kenn Cwalina, who plays guitar and John Schlicher who is the band’s drummer.

Three of the band’s members met each other at a local Best Buy and the rest was history. Waiting to Fall has been producing music for about seven months.

The band has one album so far which was released on Oct. 10, on itunes and Rhapsody.

“Our band’s style of music is faster rock, not pop, but close,” Steve Klapy, senior accounting major, said.

They have performed at venues which include. The North Star Bar in Philadelphia and Croc Rock in Allentown, Pa. They also have an upcoming show at The North Star Bar on Dec. 18.

Besides the new album, the band also has a variety of merchandise, which includes wristbands, CDs and stickers. With ambition and drive, the band strives to get their name out there. Their goal for the upcoming months is to build a larger fan base and get their music heard. To learn more about Waiting to Fall, visit their Myspace or Facebook page. They have their listed events, as well as some of their songs, on these sites.

Another band, which has an unusual name, is a group most Cabrini students have heard of. Pigs in Flight has been together about a year and a half now. Members of Pigs in Flight include Ryan Lane, junior communication major, who is the singer and guitarist, Rob Martinson who plays bass, Brendan Bianowicz on drums and George Eppinger on guitar.

Besides opening for Mae at Cabrini’s spring concert in the spring semester of 2009, Pigs in Flight also has performed at several venues including The Trocadero in Philadelphia. They hope to be able to play at even bigger venues one day.

With a definite sense of humor, this band has big dreams.

“Our goal is to hit it big, bigger than Led Zepplin, bigger than The Beatles, we want our pictures on lunch boxes,” Martinson said.

Pigs in Flight came out with their first album last spring. Although the band can’t think of who to compare their unique sound to, they put themselves in the rock genre of music.

This band seems to have great chemistry, which come from long practice sessions and writing lyrics together. They are definitely a band that is here to stay. To find out more about Pigs in Flight, get dates for their shows and listen to their music, check out their Myspace and Facebook pages.

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Danielle McLaughlin

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