Local chinese restaurant No.1 in country

By Danielle McLaughlin
February 7, 2011

Philadelphia, Pa., a place often associated with greasy cheesesteaks and overzealous sports fans, may now have a new claim to fame.

A local Chinese restaurant, Yangming, was named the best Chinese food restaurant in America by CBS Sunday Morning News.  Located in Bryn Mawr, Pa., Yangming offers a variety of fresh, authentic Chinese food at reasonable prices.

“We don’t have a signature dish but we do use all fresh ingredients.  We don’t use too many canned products.  People know the ingredients we use.  It tastes a little better when you use fresh ingredients,” Michael Wei, Yangming owner, said.

Yangming was honored at a red carpet ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, where Wei was presented with the prestigious award. Yangming beat out nearly 45,000 other Chinese food restaurants across the nation.

“When we won the contest, it was very humbling and exciting that we got this reward.  I would like to thank all of the locals for their support and for where we are today,” Wei said.

Wei’s easy-going personality led to his being honored as one of the more “Influential Personalities in the Restaurant Industry”  at the award show as well.

This is not the only award the restaurant has won.  USA Today named Yangming one of the 10 best Chinese food restaurants in 2007 and 2009.  It was also the winner of “America’s Top Tables,” given by Gourmet Magazine.

“The success of this restaurant is because we have two kitchens in the back and we have two different chefs.  One is more like an Italian chef and one is a Chinese chef so we have continental food and Chinese food.  Not too many Chinese food restaurants are able to do that,” Wei said.

Wei is proud of where the restaurant has come over the years and has a positive attitude about the future of the restaurant.

“My favorite part about owning a restaurant is that I like to meet new people and I like when there is a crowd and challenges,” Wei said.  “I don’t like to be slow and relaxed.  I like to keep myself busy and keep myself motivated so I can do a better job every time,” Wei said.

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Danielle McLaughlin

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