Free depression screening offered to Cabrini students

By Danielle McLaughlin
October 22, 2009

On Thursday, Oct. 8, Cabrini College held National Depression Screening Day in Founder’s Hall.

National Depression Screening Day is a free resource offered to students at Cabrini College. This day can be very beneficial to those who suspect they are suffering from depression.

Depression is a mental illness that affects 50 percent of college aged students. It is an illness that should not be overlooked.

Anyone that has experienced symptoms of depression was encouraged to attend this event. Symptoms of depression include reduced or increased appetite, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, restlessness or irritability, loss of energy and thoughts of death or suicide.

For those who missed National Depression Screening Day and are interested in being screened for depression, Cabrini offers a free mental health screening on Cabrini’s Web site.

This online screening provides tests for multiple mental illnesses such as eating disorders, post- traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety disorder.

It is important to be screened for depression especially if someone suspects they have it. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. This statistic is scary, however, this can be changed if more people get screened for depression and take the initiative to get help.

“Depression screening is a great way to reach out to students who are struggling, yet have not sought treatment,” Sara Maggitti, director of Counseling and Psychological Services, said.

Cabrini has an organization called Active Minds. This organization is focused on increasing awareness of mental illness in the college population.

It was started in the spring semester of 2008. Active Minds isn’t a therapy group, it’s a group to spread awareness of mental health.

“Active Minds is an organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma that often accompanies mental illness. We want students to know they can come forward if they are experiencing any difficulties they need to talk about,” Diana Trasatti, president of Active Minds, said.

Depression is a disease that you can’t control. Many people suffer from it, but many don’t get help.

If you have depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety or any other illness, there isn’t just a switch you can turn to change your mood; it is something that is more complicated than that.

According to Trasatti, Active Minds wants to let students know that there are options and there is help available, and not to be afraid to come forward and receive it.

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Danielle McLaughlin

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