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Walking alone in the fight against hunger

"Let's walk!" reverberated amid the enthusiastic audience that gathered Saturday, April 14 at Elkins Oval Park in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. After some free juice and snacks provided by Sodexho, the first-time leading sponsor of the event, a quick group warm-up and some pre-walk entertainment, the massive group took off on their six-mile stroll in solidarity with those who suffer from hunger in Philadelphia.

Dining services switch cleaning products to help environment

In the cafeteria, Silverware is cleaner, working conditions are safer, and the amount of harmful, potent chemicals being dumped down the drain is diminishing. This is all due to the dining services' switch from commercial cleaning chemicals to a new line of environmentally friendly chemicals, which occurred over spring break.

Summitt gives inspiration

Women of the past, present and future have and will always each possess immeasurable strengths, but when it comes to basketball, none have proven to be as strong as the head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team, Pat Summitt.

Couples question the unthinkable

If you think you've met that special someone, wait! Take a step back, a deep breath and a second to ask yourself, "self, what do I really want out of this relationship?" The usual questions couples ask before they get serious are the obvious ones; do you want kids? What do you want to do with your life? What are your interests? However, as important as those questions are, there are a plethora of questions to ask dealing with issues ranging from friends and family to finances, according to a New York Times article.

Awareness: hunger and homelessness week unites community for success

Over $2,800 later, minus all other expenses, the 2006 Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week that began on Sunday, Oct. 5 was a triumphant success. As co-chair of the campaign, it was a blessing to be part of something that positively effected so many lives, ranging from the campus community members who learned a few things about a desperate world issue, to the 30 local families that received full-course Thanksgiving meals, and even to the local and international organizations that will receive donations from the money raised.

Fair trade items make great gifts that give twice

This Christmas holiday, I will be giving gifts that give twice. The majority of the shopping that I have left will be done at a little store called Global Gifts in Wayne, PA, which is associated with hundreds of other little stores nation wide, all of which are under one big organization called Ten Thousand Villages.

Homelessness a major issue

I pulled up to the Rescue Mission in Atlantic City one morning to meet with a once-homeless family that I covered in an article I was writing. I, along with the housing locator at the mission, pulled up on a back-city street and parked in front of a three-bedroom apartment sandwiched between and under three other apartments in the building complex.

‘Gay and Lesbian History Month’ to teach tolerance

October is a month dedicated to some profound awareness causes. In the past, it has brought awareness to breast cancer and fair trade but, according to the recently released 2006 Philadelphia School District calendar, it has also been dubbed "Gay and Lesbian History Month.

Speakers shed light on fair trade

A fair trade presenatation pinpointed the social justices that can be achieved with the rippling effect of fair trade and what it can have on an impoverished community, on Oct. 3, in Jazzman's Cafe. Cesar Rivas Pena, coffee La Florida Cooperative General Manager, , spoke to business and accounting students on the topic of fair trade.

Turbo Jam: A new way to exercise

Rock hard abs. Slender thighs. Toned arms. Imagine loosing about ten inches total in ten days. The Turbo Jam workout with Chalene Johnson, along with "its high-spirited party atmosphere," guarantees these results with its "five jammin' workouts on two DVD's" for only three payments of $19.

Dieting 101: Curbing late-night cravings

Dorm room dining doesn't have to consist solely of Ramen noodles and take-out, and the cafeteria doesn't have to be the only source of a somewhat balanced diet. With some storage space, access to a mini-fridge, a microwave, a stovetop and some utensils, a healthy, tasty and affordable meal-plan can appease even the most vicious of late-night-up-studying cravings.

‘The Da Vinci Code’ draws more fans with upcoming movie

The anticipated release of "The Da Vinci Code" in theaters on May 19 is shaking up the faith, and causing a commotion at dinner table discussions worldwide. A synopsis of the plot, according to the author, Dan Brown, suggests that the movie is about "A renowned Harvard symbologist [who] is summoned to the Louvre Museum to examine a series of cryptic symbols relating to Da Vinci's artwork.

Sushi decor spicing up living rooms everywhere

Trendy pillows that take the shape of sushi are sweeping across the Internet and onto people's couches across the globe. No, they aren't sushi scented, but the vibrant colors and textures of the fabric accurately reproduce a very trendy food. "Wow, sounds crazy.

Smokers forced to ‘butt out’ in Jersey

Summer "down the shore" this year will be budding with change after the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act takes effect on April 15. The act will prohibit smoking in specified public places because New Jersey legislature agreed that tobacco smoke is a significant threat to the health of the majority of non-smokers, according to a synopsis of the act.

21 shots, not so smart

Imagine what would happen if you ingested 32 ounces of alcohol in the matter of a few hours. The new college campus trend of drinking your age in shots to celebrate your 21st birthday is basically promoting young adults to down the equivalent of an entire large McDonald's soft drink, filled to the brim with toxic liquid.

Philadelphia community rises to ‘Coffeehouse Challenge’

Philadelphia community members are joining efforts with Starbucks and The Ben Franklin Tercentenary to present a challenge for change: a Coffeehouse Challenge, that is. Between January and June of 2006, Coffeehouse Challenge meetings will be held in Starbucks all across the Delaware Valley and Central Philadelphia.

Local talents ‘fired up’ to battle for spotlight

Only the most badass band will survive when Battle of the Bands kicks off at Cabrini College. The five local bands that will entertain all include at least one or more Cabrini students, and each will be competing for the spot to open for the Phantom Planet concert, along with Philadelphia, Pa.

Intramurals director calls for more involvement

Daina Havens Asst. Perspectives Editor dmh724@cabrini.edu Getting involved in campus intramurals is as easy as showing up with a pair of broken-in sneakers, along with a positive and energetic attitude. Cabrini College's freshly revamped intramural department offers endless possibilities of activities, along with a very open schedule.

Lady Cavs dive into their third season

"Swimmers, take your mark.GO!" This echoes through the sauna-like air within the intimidating walls of the Dixon Center pool. Women's swimming coach Mike Kernicky waves his arms in the thick mist at practice while he yells out commands and pushes his team toward victory.

Transitions of a transfer

This time last year, I was nestled comfortably in a warm place that will forever remain warm in my heart, Chestnut Hill College. With the smell of the crisp fall air surrounding me on the morning walk to class in founder's Hall, I become stuck in a memory of what seems like an entire lifetime ago.


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