Turbo Jam: A new way to exercise

By Daina Havens
September 22, 2006

Rock hard abs. Slender thighs. Toned arms. Imagine loosing about ten inches total in ten days. The Turbo Jam workout with Chalene Johnson, along with “its high-spirited party atmosphere,” guarantees these results with its “five jammin’ workouts on two DVD’s” for only three payments of $19.95, according to beachbody.com.

Sound too good to be true? According to Beachbody.com, a recent university study showed that a 40-minute Turbo Jam workout can burn up to 700 calories, which is “nearly twice as effective as walking, jogging, yoga/pilates and even circuit training!”

The Turbo Jam workout has swept across the nation’s gyms with its easy choreography and popular dance music. Over 15,000 instructors from around the world teach this workout that is featured at over 2,000 health and fitness chains in the U.S. and many more around the globe. Now, Turbo Jam is available in any living room or dorm room in as little as 5-7 business days.

“Music can motivate you to do anything,” Chalene says of the uplifting beats that inspire the moves to flow along with the beat.

With the Learn and Burn disk, Chalene and the Turbo Jam crew start out easy with an overview of the “elite 11” signature moves that are used throughout the other workouts. Then you burn it up with an easy tempo workout involving these moves. The 20-minute workout is the next step toward progress.

With this workout, Chalene and the crew help you experience a major calorie burn that gets your heart pumping, but is over before you know, leaving you wanting more. The “it’s time to party” lyrics that play along in the background will play in your head all day, and you may even catch yourself slightly moving your hips side-to-side at your desk during class just wishing you could walk out and do the workout all over again.

The next steps include Cardio Party and Turbo Sculpt. These 40- to 45-minute workouts really light your calories on fire. Cardio party is a dance party that includes elements from dance, karate, Brazilian martial arts, and stretching. Turbo Sculpt shows turbo-fast results with a slow-paced weight-lifting workout. If that isn’t enough, great abs are guaranteed with Ab Jam, a 20-minute experience unique to any ordinary sit-ups or crunches that targets your core.

There is no need to move any furniture, and a dorm room is more than enough room because majority of the workout is done standing in the same position or laying on a mat or towel. All you need is enough room to do a few back kicks, a big glass of water, a towel and as Chalene would say, “a big smile on your face.”

The package also comes with a diet plan, a tape measurer, and an opportunity to subscribe to vitamins and become a beachbody.com member for 24/7 online support. There are also four other workouts that can found at Beachbody.com that are similar to Chalene’s Turbo Jam workout, but may be more effective for individuals.

“Slim in 6” gives you a plan to reshape your body in just six weeks. “Yoga Booty Ballet” speaks for itself. “Power 90 Fat Burning System” guarantees a total body transformation in just 90 days. Kathy Smith’s Project: You! Burns fat while toning and sculpting in a progression of workouts.

If there isn’t something that interests or inspires you to go out and get a workout video, Cabrini College has a free and well-equipped gym to take advantage of.FREE.

“[Cabrini has] a great facility that’s essentially a health club,” director of intramurals and recreation Orlin Jespersen said, while adding that your membership is already covered in your tuition.

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Daina Havens

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