Intramurals director calls for more involvement

By Daina Havens
December 8, 2005

Getting involved in campus intramurals is as easy as showing up with a pair of broken-in sneakers, along with a positive and energetic attitude. Cabrini College’s freshly revamped intramural department offers endless possibilities of activities, along with a very open schedule. However, it is simply not being taken advantage of as it should, according to the director.

Director of Intramurals and Recreation Orlin Jespersen sits in his crisp, new office at the top on the Dixon Center stairs with his door open and two empty chairs, welcoming students to stop in and inquire about getting involved with the athletics department.

“I want to make it as available as I can to everyone,” said Jespersen, when discussing the purpose behind having intramural sports on campus. “I’m trying to generate more things to do on campus,” he said. Since Jesperson joined the athletics department last year, many advances have been made to the structure of these extracurricular activities.

The more challenging of the intramural sports, including rock climbing and kayak rolling, have been thriving among students and have inspired growth within the department. Future possibilities may include a scuba diving intramural/certification class, which would be held in the Dixon Center pool. Jespersen also hopes to start a dodge ball league as soon as next semester.

“You might as well just jump at it,” sophomore and RA Scott Bordignon said. Bordignon is a regular at the intramurals, especially at rock climbing and kayak rolling, and he even offers his athletic knowledge to help beginners learn new techniques. Bordignon added that students always talk about how much college is costing them, so “they should hop on all these free activities.” He feels that the department is growing with the increase of freshmen being introduced to athletic recreation rather than the typical college party mentality.

Working a part-time job, writing papers and going to class can all be balanced with some recreational activity because as more students get involved, more days open up. Scheduled times and dates for all intramurals are conveniently located in the Dixon Center near the front desk.

“College is a time to try a number of different of activities,” Jespersen said, while adding that certain activities may be otherwise expensive, time-consuming or even not readily available outside of college, and there is no better time than now to test one’s interests and try something stimulating and free.

Traditional sport leagues such as volleyball, soccer and basketball have not accelerated as anticipated. Student involvement in these activities is lacking, which creates a dilemma with team shortages and skimpy scheduling opportunities. More involvement would lead to more weekdays being available and eventually more availability to that student who has a heavy workload and babysits every other night.

The intramural department has an open door policy, as does Jesperson, who takes a hands-on approach and plays hard on the court, rock-wall and pool. His door is open to fresh ideas, and the Dixon Center is the place to go to get information on the leagues beginning next semester and application forms to become part of the action.

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Daina Havens

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