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Women’s tennis soars to PAC

This year, Cabrini's women's tennis team is undefeated in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. As of now, the women's tennis team has a record of 8-0 in the PACs, while holding a 9-4 record otherwise. Athletes in the women's tennis team attribute their success to simple teamwork with good ethics and effort.

Swim team makes big splash

This year, Cabrini's women's swim team has high expectations. With several new additions to the swim team this year, swim-team coach Mike Kernicky ranks it as "the best team yet." New additions to the team include freshman Kelly Cotton, currently undecided for a major, and Gina Scuibba, an elementary education major.

Captain shows dedication

Ann Tye, a senior business administration major and the Captain of Cabrini's field hockey team, is confident in her teammates this year. "This year there is something special about this team. When we get on the field, we all work together to achieve the same goal, and that is winning and playing our best.

‘Hot coffee’ scandal heating up

You've probably heard about the "Hot Coffee" scandal even if you've just casually glanced at the news. Apparently, Rockstar Games is in trouble for a sex simulating mini-game, a game within a video game, recently discovered in the popular M-rated game, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Audiences scream for more gore

There seems to be a new trend in scary movies lately. Where the actors used to run for their lives until most of them are cut down, now they just get tortured onscreen-like in "Saw," "Hostel" and "Saw II." In the new movie "Slither," people become mutated monsters after slimy aliens crawl down their throats.

Young adults search for a faith that fits

According of many religious resources-in this case ""-list the world religions as 33 percent Christian, 21 percent Islam, 14 percent Hindu and 16 percent nonreligious. Which religion have you chosen? When people looking for the right religion ask those who have already chosen, many would say, "Choose what is right for you.

‘LOTR’ moves to the stage

J.R.R. Tolkien's novel "The Lord of the Rings" has been adapted into a $27 million play. It premiered Thursday, March 23 in Canada's Princess of Wales Theatre. It is currently the most expensive play ever made, but it has received mixed reviews from the critics.

Movies in review: Lucky Number Slevin

Slevin is suffering from a bad case of mistaken identity. After arriving in New York to visit Nick, an old friend, Slevin gets mugged and his wallet is stolen. Slevin finds Nick's apartment, but Nick is nowhere to be found. Soon after, two thug under the impression that Slevin is Nicktake Slevin to meet, "The Boss.

Favorite meals at Cabrini

For Cabrini students who live on campus, eating can be a major issue. Commuters can eat meals cooked by their parents, such as pasta or meatloaf or just order take-out, whereas students on campus have fewer options for food. Cooking can be dangerous for some people, and ordering take-out can be delicious but expensive and unhealthy in excess.

Shamrocks and candy; St. Patty’s Day is here

St. Patrick's Day is here, and Cabrini students are finding many different ways to celebrate. While this holiday, and maybe this is a stereotype, is most famous for drinking and the color green, there is obviously more to it than that. The person this day is named after, St.

TV violence

Anyone with a TV has heard about the issues with violence on television. I personally have watched a large amount of television, so I've also seen what's being done about it. The basic idea is to remove it from sight, but I have another theory about this-how about we just show kids the consequences? One day, I was watching an episode of South Park with my 10-year-old brother who has to watch everything I do.

‘Producers’ to debut in theaters

Universal Pictures has remade Mel Brooks' comedy and musical classic "The Producers." It will see limited release in theaters on Dec. 16 and will be released everywhere Christmas Day. This movie will be staring Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock, a washed-up Broadway producer who seduces little old ladies to fund his plays, and Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, a meek accountant.

Students sucked in by online gambling

Tourists go to Las Vegas anticipating certain things-bright lights, showgirls and gambling. Now, you can access some of these things from your own computer-particularly the gambling. "I know that we're popular among college-aged students. Exactly how popular is anyone's guess," a support supervisor at PokerStars.

Student reacts to ‘derogatory racial acts’

In the sixth issue of "The Loquitur," did the front page surprise anyone else? If you haven't heard, apparently some people have been creating derogatory racial acts around Xavier Hall from as late as 2003. These acts have ranged from a shaving-cream swastika, a black-sock puppet hanging from a noose or just the phrase "KKK" written in the Xavier foyer area.


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