Women’s tennis soars to PAC

By Brian Smith
October 21, 2005

This year, Cabrini’s women’s tennis team is undefeated in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. As of now, the women’s tennis team has a record of 8-0 in the PACs, while holding a 9-4 record otherwise.

Athletes in the women’s tennis team attribute their success to simple teamwork with good ethics and effort. Junior Caitlin Scott, as well as second singles, second doubles and co-captain women’s tennis team member, epitomizes this viewpoint.

“Our team has been undefeated so far because of the members that make up this team. We all may play individual matches, but in the end we play for the common goal, the team,” Scott said. “In soccer or field hockey, everyone is on the field at the same time; in tennis, it’s different. We play individually, but we all make up one team. Each girl on this team has her own role to play. We are so successful because of the hard work and dedication that we all put towards this team. We all want one thing, to win PACs again. We are going to do what we need to, to get to that goal!” Scott said.

Third singles player and freshman tennis player Lisa Rodgers also attributes the team’s success to good chemistry between teammates. According to her, this team works very well together. “I just think all the girls on the team are really close, and we generally enjoy being around each other. So when you play with people that you love being with, it’s easy to play well and win,” Rodgers said.

The women’s tennis team practices are described by freshman and first singles player Dina DiTaranto, as well as several other team members, as working towards one goal while each member works on separate individual goals, like avoiding double faulting on serves or keeping the ball “deep, not short.”

“We stretch, run, warm up, and play tennis! No, it’s more than that. At our practices we really get to work on shots that are vital in match play. We have different drills that work on all shots. Even though it’s a tough two hours, we always find things to laugh about. My guess is we’re the loudest team out there. [We’re] always talking,” DiTaranto said.

DiTaranto also attributes the team’s success to good teamwork, saying that each member essentially helps the other one out. “I think our team is doing an awesome job this season. I couldn’t imagine being on any other team without these girls. We keep each other positive and motivated, and reflect of each other, which is key to our success in this league. We all have our own little goals throughout the season that we want to accomplish, but in the end, our main goal is that we want to remain PAC champions. Like they say, ‘there’s no I in team.’ We win these matches together. We’ve had a great season so far, and hopefully, it will just keep getting better,” DiTaranto said.

The women’s tennis team’s next game is against Marywood on Oct. 19. This game is supposedly essential to the PAC championships.

Posted to the web by Brian Coary.

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Brian Smith

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