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Best friends stay connected during the most difficult times

Just 20 minutes away from Center City Philadelphia resides two inseparable best friends. In the town of Roxborough, Courtney Ameye met someone she calls… Read More

Cabrini basketball: Tyheim Monroe scores 1,000th point

Tyheim Monroe joined the 1,000-point club during Cabrini’s game against Montclair State University on Dec. 30, 2017. The 37th Roosevelt’s 21st Greyhound Classic First Round… Read More

Cabrini women’s basketball goes on 2 game win streak against Cairn University

    Cabrini women’s basketball team played against Cairn University on Wednesday, Feb. 8, in the Dixon Center. The final score of the game… Read More

A college student’s resolutions: The year to be happy

When the ball dropped and 2017 became the new year I was not interested in listing my resolutions at that exact moment. Embracing that… Read More

Student-athletes balancing sports and homework: Which comes first?

Student-athletes at Cabrini University learn skills like time management when it comes to balancing school work and athletics. These athletes spend long hours at… Read More

Inside look at the winter break of spring athletes and coaching staffs

The spring 2017 sports season is right around the corner. Student-athletes have to stay in shape and practice over the winter break, but do… Read More

An open thank you to a YouTube beauty guru

The moment I entered this world my father did not know he was going to be a single father. My father has done a… Read More

Do C’s get degrees and friends?

In college, I have learned a few things about choosing people to surround myself with, especially pertaining to grades. During my freshman year of college,… Read More

Battle for Eagle Road: Cabrini vs. Eastern

Women’s Game The Battle of Eagle Road has been a tradition that both teams look forward to every year. Cabrini’s men’s and women’s basketball… Read More

Cabrini women’s soccer stopped short on CSAC playoff road

Cabrini’s women’s soccer team streak of CSAC championships has been stopped at five. The No. 2-seeded Cavaliers end came at the hands of the… Read More

Drugstore vs. high end makeup

In the beauty world, there are two different kinds of makeup girls can buy, either drugstore or high-end makeup. Some people buy drugstore because of… Read More

Have the best Autumn ever with this Fall Bucket List

Three words: PUMPKIN. SPICE. LATTE. We have reached that time of year where PSL’s are back and it is time to indulge. Say goodbye to… Read More

Fall right into the season of hayrides, pumpkin picking and more

Fall has arrived and there are so many different things to do, but where to go first? Here are 5 attractions: LinVilla Orchards:137 W… Read More

Beyoncé ticket winner returns tickets to SEAL

Cabrini Senior, Jerome Bailey, was beyond excited to win the tickets from SEAL to attend the Beyoncé concert. He was surprised that he won… Read More

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Cabrini University’s wifi

If you have ever stepped foot on Cabrini University’s campus then you have experienced using the campus’ WiFi. Whether you are writing a paper… Read More

New professor that makes higher education a possibility for those that cannot afford it

Dr. Whitaker, assistant professor and education director of district and school relations, is the new addition to the Cabrini University family. Dr. Whitaker’s office… Read More
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