Best friends stay connected during the most difficult times

By Ashley Lodise
May 9, 2017

Photo by: Alyssa D’Angelo

Just 20 minutes away from Center City Philadelphia resides two inseparable best friends. In the town of Roxborough, Courtney Ameye met someone she calls her sister, Alyssa D’Angelo.

Alyssa and Courtney became best friends on Alyssa’s 17th birthday.

Both of them have lived in the town of Roxborough  their whole lives. When the two were little girls they were in the Miss Manayunk Pageant.

Both of their families have always known each other. They did not know how close their families were until recently when Courtney moved in with Alyssa.

The two share the top floor on the D’Angelo house, which is like their own mini apartment.

“It was like God brought us together for a reason and we never left each other’s side since then,” Alyssa said.

Courtney moved into the spare room next to Alyssa and their friendship only grew stronger. Through this experience, the two became so close they were no longer best friends but sisters to each other.

“I think that was the best decision of my life, [having Courtney] move in with me,” Alyssa said.

Photo by: Alyssa D’Angelo

Alyssa and Courtney have experienced every up and down in their lives since they have known each other. Courtney said she tells Alyssa everything and they do not keep anything from each other.

“She knows literally more than my blood sister knows about me,” Courtney said.

When the two get into an argument they agree it is not worth holding onto grudges over. One minute they are screaming at each other and the next minute they are watching a movie and laughing.

“She loves me for who I am,” Alyssa said.

Alyssa’s mother and father treat Courtney like she is one of their own. She is like a second daughter to the D’Angelo family. Courtney jokes that she does not need a second father yelling at her but everything is said out of love to each other between Courtney and Alyssa’s father.

Photo submitted by: Courtney Ameye

Courtney decided to make a life-changing decision of joining the Navy in May 2016.

When Courtney joined the Navy it was extremely difficult for Alyssa to bear that upcoming missing piece in her life.

“I didn’t want her to go. I didn’t want her to leave me, but at the same time I was so proud of her,” Alyssa said.

After several months of training, Courtney graduated on Jan. 27, 2017.

Courtney decided to go into the Navy because she felt like she wanted to have a purpose in life. She said she wanted people, her family, friends and neighborhood to be proud of her. She also wanted people to know that she was pursuing something worthwhile with her life.

Courtney and Alyssa share this exciting adventure together as they stay in touch through social media and FaceTime. The two would always be on FaceTime checking in with each other.

Friends of theirs say that if you saw Alyssa you saw Courtney on her phone. 

“Everytime I see Alyssa, Courtney is on her phone on FaceTime. It is like she never left us,” Samantha Colti, Alyssa’s cousin and Courtney’s friend, said.

Alyssa and Courtney FaceTime each other everyday, tag each other in posts on Facebook, text and call to stay connected.

“Every time I go out with other people, Courtney is on my FaceTime. It is like she is there with us,” Alyssa said.

Courtney would update Alyssa on what was going on with her life while away missing her deeply.

“I’m texting her all the time saying I wish I was there,” Courtney said.

Courtney  told Alyssa that she was coming home in April 2017 to visit for two weeks. Alyssa said she was not leaving her house all April and was going to sit home and wait for Courtney.

“I miss my other half. I went from seeing her everyday to not seeing her for five months,” Alyssa said.

Photo submitted by: Laura Holdsworth
Photo submitted by: Samantha Colti

It was on March 31, 2017, that Courtney came home and surprised Alyssa at her house.

“My favorite memory was when Courtney came home,” Alyssa said.

All of their friends were gathered there that night. Alyssa could not believe that Courtney was home and she fell to the floor is disbelief.

On Monday, April 17, 2017, Courtney left from the Philadelphia Airport to head to Japan. She will be there for two years serving in the navy. Alyssa and Courtney both had a hard time saying goodbye to each other but remained strong.

After Courtney is done her five years in the Navy, she plans on coming back home to Roxborough but those plans could change.

Alyssa and Courtney will stay in touch waiting for the day they see each other again.

Ashley Lodise

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