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Developing a CSAC competing team

In order to build a successful CSAC competing team, one would typically think the goal of winning should be front and center of every… Read More

Time to stop the clowning around

One thing that is for sure this October is that there will be no clowning around on Halloween, due to the “clown craze” that… Read More

DIY spooky yet sweet Halloween treats

In October, there are many easy yet creative Halloween treats that college students could make in their dorm, house or apartment kitchen. Warning: They all have… Read More

Dr. Thomas Sugrue: 2016 Jolyon Pitt Girard Speaker

While social justice is in the air more than the daily fall flu virus at Cabrini University, it is not everyday that students get… Read More

Snapchat: The mentally abusive social media platform

“Delete snapchat? Oh god no, I could never,” sophomore early and special education major Lili Ayllon said. Many other young adults like Lili that… Read More

2016 Presidential Debate through the eyes of Cabrini and Hofstra

From tax justice, to living wages, to democracy, healthcare and citizenship, it was expected that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would share their perspectives… Read More

The COM LC barbecue lives on

For a busy college student, not much is better than having the opportunity to get free food and bond with friends, classmates and laid… Read More

Eat clean and avoid the freshman fifteen in Cavs Corner

In the morning, it is the waffles and french toast sticks. In the afternoon, it is the buckets of freshly cooked french fries. At… Read More

Students look to get involved in the 2016-2017 school year

Video by Brian Nestel and Angelina Miller. Coming into each new school year, there are the students who know they will have too much… Read More

Cheers to 6 years of free summer concerts

  Picture a gorgeous summer day at an outdoor concert venue, thousands of friendly people, good vibes and a stage with a number of… Read More

Reverend Cheryl Parker helps the elderly stay spiritually well

Over the past few months, the term “wellness” has been buzzing around on the news, in magazines and books and with all kinds of… Read More

Look up and speak up against scrolling, the new smoking

“Scrolling is the new smoking.” This is a phrase that was said by Joshua Fields Millburn on the 27th of March this year. This… Read More

Keep mentally healthy in May with CuspIt–a guide to a healthy life

“We all are on different journeys in our lives. Whether it is to graduate college, or build your dream career, each day can always… Read More

Senior minority students thank loved ones at recognition ceremony

With graduation right around the corner, a number of Cabrini senior students who identify as AHLANA (African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American) are feeling… Read More

Living on $5 per day: Guatemala edition

In America, sitting on a couch with a snack in your lap, a remote in your hand and Netflix on a screen in front… Read More

Stressercise: Self care techniques with Counseling and Physiological Services

How many of us STRESS about STRESS before there’s even stress to stress about How about stressing about STRESS and over s t r… Read More

Your morning coffee, and the Guatemalan hands behind it

It is 6 a.m. on an average Wednesday morning in the United States. At this time, millions of Americans are placing a K-Cup into… Read More

Healthy heart, healthy you

    “I can’t believe I am the age I am because I am very busy and like to keep active. I feel stronger,… Read More

Contagious Change: how one Cabrini student has worked for social justice through CRS Ambassador program

Imagine a world where the temperature is expected to rise 0.5 to 8.6 degrees fahrenheit over the next 10 decades. Take in the fact… Read More

3 suspicious fires in East Res bring police to campus

Three different arson incidents took place on Cabrini University’s campus on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. The first two fires occurred in the afternoon, with… Read More


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