Students look to get involved in the 2016-2017 school year

By Angelina Miller
September 8, 2016

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Video by Brian Nestel and Angelina Miller.

Coming into each new school year, there are the students who know they will have too much on their plate, and the students who may not have quite enough to do. This can be especially true with new incoming freshman and transfer students. However, one thing that is made clear about Cabrini is that there is always something going on around campus.

On Sept. 7, 2016, Cabrini held its annual Involvement Fair for students that were interested in getting more involved with student life or simply trying something new. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., clubs and organizations welcomed both new and returning students in the campus commons with endless information on how they could be more connected with the Cabrini community.

A few general clubs and organizations featured at this year’s fair included Active Minds, Craft Something Extraordinary, Alpha Delta Gamma, Pink, Pura Vida and the dance team. For those interested in furthering their involvement in more educational subjects, clubs focused around academics that are offered include psychology, math, marketing and science. Cabrini also provides athletic students that do not wish to participate in school sports with the opportunity to play recreational sports such as roller hockey and club lacrosse.

“The Involvement Fair was definitely a really good way for me to see what’s available here on campus,” freshman biology major Chris Gross said. Gross signed up for club lacrosse and Cabrini’s Wolfington Center.

“I really love the variety of clubs that Cabrini has to offer,” Kathryn Lentx, a new freshman student majoring in early childhood education, said. Lentx signed up for the photography club and was also eager to look into Cabrini’s roller hockey team.

In addition to a number of intriguing clubs and organizations, the Involvement Fair was spiced up with a moon bounce and station for students to take home their own cactus. “The cactuses seem to really be the hot ticket item for dorm room decor this year,” Anne Filippone, the director of Cabrini’s Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) office, said. The SEaL office provided students with an assortment of cacti, garden pots for them to be put in and pipe cleaners, foam shapes and glue to decorate with.

Senior early education and special education major Natalie Trerotola was representing her organization “Friends of Exceptional Children” loud and proud at the fair. Friends of Exceptional Children works with special needs children through fundraisers and events including the Oct. 2 Buddy Walk, the Oct. 22 Autism Speaks Walk, and the Special Olympics from Nov. 4-6.

“I plan on working with children with special needs in my future, so it makes me really happy that Cabrini allows me to run a club related to my passion,” Trerotola said. “It’s also really great to work with the members and see them just as passionate about something I love so much.”

“Our Involvement Fair is always a great way for students to have their eyes opened to all of the clubs offered at Cabrini and further explore their interests,” Filippone said. “This year’s outdoor venue mixed with the food, moon bounce and music from Cavalier Radio definitely attracted more people as well.”

It is safe to say that the 2016-2017 Involvement Fair was a success and may be a bit difficult to follow up next semester. For students that may have missed the event but are still interested in getting involved and exploring the clubs that Cabrini has to offer, do not be shy to stop in Cabrini’s SEaL Office next to Jazzman’s.

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Angelina Miller

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