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Reverend Cheryl Parker helps the elderly stay spiritually well

Over the past few months, the term “wellness” has been buzzing around on the news, in magazines and books and with all kinds of… Read More

Look up and speak up against scrolling, the new smoking

“Scrolling is the new smoking.” This is a phrase that was said by Joshua Fields Millburn on the 27th of March this year. This… Read More

Keep mentally healthy in May with CuspIt–a guide to a healthy life

“We all are on different journeys in our lives. Whether it is to graduate college, or build your dream career, each day can always… Read More

Senior minority students thank loved ones at recognition ceremony

With graduation right around the corner, a number of Cabrini senior students who identify as AHLANA (African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American) are feeling… Read More

Living on $5 per day: Guatemala edition

In America, sitting on a couch with a snack in your lap, a remote in your hand and Netflix on a screen in front… Read More

Stressercise: Self care techniques with Counseling and Physiological Services

How many of us STRESS about STRESS before there’s even stress to stress about How about stressing about STRESS and over s t r… Read More

Your morning coffee, and the Guatemalan hands behind it

It is 6 a.m. on an average Wednesday morning in the United States. At this time, millions of Americans are placing a K-Cup into… Read More

Healthy heart, healthy you

    “I can’t believe I am the age I am because I am very busy and like to keep active. I feel stronger,… Read More

Contagious Change: how one Cabrini student has worked for social justice through CRS Ambassador program

Imagine a world where the temperature is expected to rise 0.5 to 8.6 degrees fahrenheit over the next 10 decades. Take in the fact… Read More

3 suspicious fires in East Res bring police to campus

Three different arson incidents took place on Cabrini University’s campus on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. The first two fires occurred in the afternoon, with… Read More

The G.O.P. Tax Plan affects college students and beyond

By: Angelina Miller & Hope Daluisio  Defining the G.O.P Tax Plan On Saturday, Dec. 2, the United States Senate passed a $1.5 trillion tax… Read More

Cabrini Day community connects through culture

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, Cabrini students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate a very special “Cabrini Day,” in honor of the heritage and… Read More

Why did students go home for homecoming?

Cabrini University is a current home to more than 2,400 students and a former home to 17,000 alumni; however, only a few hundred faces… Read More

Additional racial slur found in east residence hall at Cabrini

Editor’s Note: Loquitur realizes the use of the ethnic slur in the story is offensive. However, Loquitur is using it to convey the severity of… Read More

Racial slur in residence hall prompts strong student reaction

Editor’s Note: Loquitur realizes the use of the ethnic slur in the story is offensive. However, Loquitur is using it to convey the severity of… Read More

Coming together for Texas victims

Seven billion people currently populate Earth, the planet that we walk on each and every day. Out of those seven billion, over 320 million… Read More

Cabrini host border solidarity mass

Video by Angelina Miller and Brian Nestel

Surviving without Greek life while other schools are banning it

Football games. Fraternities. Day-longs. Sororities. Festivals Concerts. The list goes on and on. These are all things that the 90,000 student body of the… Read More

Who really Panic!ed at Trump’s close ban on Planned Parenthood funding

Lost. In the dark without counseling. Deprived of help for health-care services. Lacking necessary guidance for family planning. Uneducated on sexually transmitted diseases. Absent… Read More

Money burns a bigger hole in our pocket than flex

Why do we do it? As a current student ambassador for Cabrini’s Office of Admissions, one thing that I have grown to learn is… Read More


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