U.S. too quick in response

By Karen Schweizer
October 11, 2001

Where is the security? As a baby I had a blanket. As a child, I had a stuffed animal brontosaurus. Now I trust my life to President Bush and numerous government departments tangled in planning, following a war on terrorism that our government branches are not ready for.

Citizens of the United States met the terrorist attacks Sept. 11 with surprise and horror. United States departments such as the CIA and FBI stepped into action to prevent a breech of security, as did the United States department of defense with military plans. The world’s people cried out for retaliation as the Pentagon, the World Trade Center Tower one, and two crumbled like plaster toys. The United States retaliated with bombings in Afghanistan on “military targets” according to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. However, is the attack a good thing? There is speculation of a 100 percent chance of terrorist retaliation.

The United States should not have bombed Afghanistan without first taking larger steps to protect its citizens. The FBI is only now implementing a major plan to identify and trace economic funding of the Taliban and Al Qaeda organization. There may be 100 religious fanatics in this country receiving funding from Osama bin Laden at this moment that we don’t know about.

The Federal Aviation Administration ordered an expansion on the Federal Air Marshall’s program and a ban on cutting instruments including disposable razors, a ban that came too late for passengers on the fated planes.

The cases of anthrax in Florida demonstrate that the United States is facing a new enemy. The threat of biological warfare is now more of a concern. We now may need to monitor even mail.

We are just learning how to deal with the new enemy of terrorism. Our organizations are not equipped to handle this situation now, although they are adapting every day. The American response of bombing should have been conducted after these breeches were secured.

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Karen Schweizer

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