New writing specialist in Center for Teaching & Learning

By Megan Conte
September 24, 2009

Shannon Keough

Cassy Pressimore Beckowski, a new writing specialist at Cabrini College, is the newest member of the Center for Teaching and Learning in the Iadarola Center room 114.

Beckowski’s office currently houses walls with a bookshelf filled with drama and writing books.

“Writing is a big part of what I do, in theatre and academically,” Beckowski said.

She wanted to continue to pursue teaching and get involved in higher education. Beckowski saw the Cabrini job opportunity and inquired about it.

Beckowski has lived all over the states. She is originally from Baltimore, Md and then moved to Lancaster, Pa. She attended school in Lehigh Valley at DeSales University. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from DeSales University. Beckowski then moved to North Carolina for a few years before heading to Long Island to study Dramaturgy at Stony Brook.

Beckowski just finished her Master of Fine Arts in Dramaturgy at Stony Brook University in May of 2009. She had always talked about moving back to the Pennsylvania area with her husband. Beckowski had always wanted to do something with higher education.

Beckowski likes to spend time with her family and husband. She also enjoys singing, theatre, writing or reading plays.

Beckowski’s theatre side is a big part of her life. In her spare time, she has been freelancing with different theatre companies in both New York and Philadelphia. She is currently working on a play for the Philadelphia Theatre Company.

At home, Beckowski has two cats that she loves playing with. She also enjoys running in her spare time.

Beckowski explained how she could bring creativity to the classroom. She also has an art background and now applies it to the writing pieces. After being accepted to the job, Beckowski sees how Cabrini allows students to bring creativity to the classroom.

“I saw the possibilities of what I could bring to Cabrini with my unique background,” Beckowski said.

“I have really enjoyed my time here so far. I have learned a lot. It’s a learning experience, just like everything,” Beckowski said.

According to Beckowski, Cabrini has wonderful services available. Everyone is very inviting, which allows students and faculty to get involved a lot.

Beckowski is currently teaching a section of English 100 and working with students in the Writing Center.

Beckowski’s goals are to build relationships with the students and continue to find ways to become involved with social justice issues.

If anyone needs to find Beckowski, you can find her in the Writing Center. Set up an appointment in the Writing Center by signing up there or contacting her by e-mail at

Megan Conte

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