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The future of drag performances may be threatened

As Tennessee became the first state to ban drag shows in public spaces earlier this month, many conversations have risen across the nation as… Read More

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The Loquitur wins 2023 Keystone Media Award

On March 6, the Loquitur continued its winning ways by coming in second place for Best Editorial at the 2023 Student Keystone Media Awards.… Read More

The future of drag performances may be threatened

As Tennessee became the first state to ban drag shows in public spaces earlier this month, many conversations have risen across the nation as… Read More

Cabrini University unveils “Illuminate” three-year plan

On March 6, Interim President Helen Drinan introduced a revised version of Cabrini’s strategic three-year plan in a new brochure. Formerly called “Mission 2027,”… Read More

CaPS’ search for a new director

CaPS, also known as Counseling and Psychological Services at Cabrini University is in search of a new permanent director. There’s currently an interim director… Read More

Residency returns and graduate housing is opening

Cabrini’s residency dropped from about 900 residents down to 586. Dean of Student Engagement Anne Filippone plans to increase campus engagement, as well as… Read More

Penn Medicine still holds Cabrini student health records

At the beginning of the fall 2022 semester, Cabrini University announced the end of its partnership with Penn Medicine. The partnership was replaced by… Read More

Drunk driving continues to be an issue among college students

Of the many consequences that result from drunk driving, it is hard to determine which is the worst. And yet, right now drunk driving-related… Read More

Drinan staying as Cabrini interim president

It’s been nearly a year since Helen Drinan took over the presidency of Cabrini University in an interim capacity. Since the 2022 fall semester,… Read More
Immigration reform protestors in Washington D.C.

Hope for immigrants as Berks County Detention Center closes

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Wednesday, Nov. 30, that the federal government would end its contract with the Berks County Detention Center.  Located in… Read More

Cabrini’s image getting a makeover

Since the resignation of former President Donald Taylor, the Cabrini community has been concerned about the university’s future. Some of the worries were confirmed… Read More

Orchids from around the world are showcased

Dubbed the “divas” of the plant world, Longwood Garden’s is holding its Orchid Extravaganza.

Students commemorate World AIDS Day

Cabrini students and faculty joined together to celebrate World AIDS Day on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Though the entire campus celebrated the day, Cabrini's Catholic Relief Services ambassadors, specifically the HIV/AIDS ambassadors, planned the events that took place on campus.

Modern slavery exists in U.S.

Abused and depressed, Maria finally escaped her life as a sex slave in the United States after being trafficked here from a Latin American country. Although Maria was lucky enough to escape, she had little time to start rebuilding her life before finding out that her sister was murdered by her traffickers in her home country as punishment for her escape.

Program provides aid to Iraq war refugees

The brutal and vicious realities of war are an everyday occurrence for the people of Iraq. Violent outbreaks have caused persistent and abundant visual images of injury, death, kidnapping and torture to the citizens of the country. Physical effects of the war are damaging and apparent; but the impact of the emotional and psychological damages that the war in Iraq is causing has gone unaided, until now.

Empowering women to end worldwide poverty

Zenebech Gashaw, like many other women in Ethiopia, gets up at 4:30 a.m., prepares breakfast for her husband and children, walks the children to school, which takes up to an hour and a half, and then works all day cooking and fetching water.

Palestinian youth express need for change

University-aged Palestinians live a life where freedom seems a world away. Life at times seems without hope. The Gaza Strip, home to more than a million Palestinians, is a conflict-torn area walled off from Israel and Egypt.

In her shoes: from Iraq to America

"I am an Iraqi citizen and I had to leave my country because of the war," an Iraqi college student studying in America said. The war in Iraq started in 2003 when she was a 15-year-old high school student in Baghdad. "We were just kids. We went to school and hung out with our friends afterwards."

Lobbying for change

Twenty three students in the Working for Global Justice seminar class traveled from their Cabrini classroom to Washington D.C., on Friday, April 11, in order to lobby Congress on the topic of foreign assistance for underdeveloped countries and additional funding for food aid.

Election disrupts peace in Kenya

When Robert Makunu, the Catholic Relief Services deputy HIV/AIDS unit manager, spoke to Cabrini students Nov. 27 for World AIDS Day, he said, "Come, visit Kenya." Cabrini students, stirred by the picture of an extremely poor country nevertheless making great progress in combating HIV/AIDS and developing into one of the most stable countries in Africa, seriously considered how they could find a way to visit him and see CRS work in Kenya.

Children orphaned by AIDS create new lives

At the tender age of 8, Morris Chapa's parents lost the battle to HIV/AIDS, leaving three young boys behind in their native country of Kenya. Their uncle, who was given primary custody of the boys, betrayed his nephews by stripping them of the property their parents had left and chased the boys away.